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‘Obesity and Weight Loss?’

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Obesity and Weight Loss. Anyone who finds themselves in that slightly depressing situation where they are transitioning from being overweight towards becoming obese, should sit up and take notice. It’s certainly not a move up the ladder of life that you wish to be taking. So what is the difference between being overweight, and being obese? In all honesty, the difference on the scales is only a pound; just one little pound. You May find it interesting to visit our Fat Loss Specialist page.

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How Do You Know if You’re Obese?

Basically, if your BMI is under 29, then you are slightly overweight. If it goes above 30, then you are clinically obese. When someone tells you that you are obese it can, maybe understandably, be more than a little depressing. Obese, and obesity, are both medical terms that you do not want used to describe yourself. Of course, obesity often also arrives with its friends, which are Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, along with aching joints, that will eventually need replacing. Obesity Treatment Programs are something to investigate.

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Going to an Obese Only Meeting

Can you imagine yourself at an ‘obese person only’ meeting. It’s like an obesity management club, introducing yourself: “Hi! My name’s Martin. I am Obese. Hi Martin. My name’s Sally. I am obese too.” Regular attendees receive discount vouchers for healthy food shops. Or maybe invitations to a special XXX size clothes store. The store opens exclusively for the obese once a week. This allows you to browse around and try on whatever you want, without any of the normal embarrassment. The club will provide Obesity Treatment Programs. You may find it interesting to visit the Losing Weight When Obese Page on the Site

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Obesity And Weight Loss Programs

But being serious, the main factor is that the obese person’s mortality (risk of death) increases. So, having an understanding of obesity treatment programs is very important. Although I have worked in the weight loss arena for over ten years, I still find certain things surprising. For example, even when an obese person knows about all of the potential negative health effects and risks related to their previous actions, they still give in every time they see a burger and fries, or a Chicken Korma. You may find it interesting to visit the Weight Loss Experts.

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Obesity comes with Many Problems

In addition to the health risks around being obese, there is a cluster of issues that you also need to consider. And, surprisingly for many, such issues rank even higher than their health risks. These include, for example, a reduced level of self-esteem and a poor, negative self-image. Obesity often introduces problems to relationships, and increased levels of lethargy. At our clinic, we have interviewed over a thousand obese clients, and heard an amazing range of issues of just why they no longer wish to be obese. Obesity, just like Type 2 Diabetes, can be reversed. There are Obesity and Weight Management Interventions.

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Obesity and Weight Loss Management

We have spent close to fifteen years perfecting our non-surgical weight loss treatment. It is firmly based around proven psychology, focusing on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the most scientifically researched therapy in the world. Marion and I between us have accumulated over fifteen thousand one to one treatment hours, working exclusively with people wishing to lose weight. Our treatment, endorsed by medical professionals is available as a completely downloadable course. No Meetings, No Gyms, No Diet Food. Visit the review of online Weight Loss Programs.

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One Thousand People Treated

Our non-surgical weight loss treatment has received global acclaim, being featured on TV on both sides of the Atlantic. Our youngest client was just 14, our oldest was 86. Some clients wanted to lose just 8 pounds to fit into their wedding dress. Others, like Sarah Hart, photo above, lost over 140 pounds. You can read the verified case studies on the website and view the before and after photographs. Hundreds of Newspapers and Magazines around the world have featured the treatment.

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All You Need is a smart phone, tablet or desk top computer

We believe that one of the reasons our program has proven so popular is that clients can complete the course at home on any device they wish, smart phone, tablet or desk top computer. So, there are no meetings to attend, and no sometimes embarrassing communal weigh ins. Our weight loss solution is non-surgical, and does not involve exercise. The treatment profile is based around psychology; it is results focused, providing each client with an optimised weight loss experience.

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How Does Obesity and Weight Loss Work

So, just what do we do? A Psychological Reset. You see, it’s a fact that no child is born obese; eating for reasons other than hunger is a learned behaviour. We will ask you: Do you eat when you are Sad, Upset, Lonely, Angry, Depressed, Tired, Anxious, in Secret, when you are watching TV, or maybe to please someone else? Then, we reset it. After the treatment you will eat when you are physically hungry, and stop when you are not. Ruby, photo above, has lost over 40 pounds so far.

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My Weigh Less Based on Ten Years Experience

Following the ten plus years of providing our clinic-based treatment, Marion and I have spent the last twelve months, developing and trialing our downloadable weight loss treatment. There are many Obesity Treatment Programs available but the one we have developed is based around the treatment we have been providing to our clients attending the clinic. My Weigh Less was born from the understanding that we needed to offer a product that was affordable to everybody that could be made instantly available on a global basis. The treatment is completely psychology-focused and the result of hundreds of hours of real person trials.

Martin and Marion Appeared on the This Morning TV Show

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Everything You Need to Know about Obesity and Weight Loss

It is the most important question of all. On the website we have a dedicated Does It work Page’ which we hope you will find both interesting and informative, also visit the Welcome To My Weigh Less page. Additionally you will find a link to the ‘Medical Professionals’ pages, which includes an endorsement of the effectiveness of the treatment by an NHS Consultant Surgeon, along with the opinions and observations of a number of other medical professionals. Also on the site, you can read a full breakdown of just what is included in the treatment. Read more about Martin and Marion here

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We Look Forward To Helping You

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Being Obese Dangerous?

Obesity comes with a number of very serious health risks, some more well-known than others. For instance, if a person is obese, they will have an increased risk of cardiac disease; also their likelihood of developing a wide range of cancers is dramatically increased. As is their chance of developing type 2 diabetes, suffering a stroke, and contracting gallbladder disease. As you would expect, the probability of requiring hip or knee replacement surgery also increases exponentially.

Can I get Surgery if I am Obese?

All surgery that involves having a general anaesthetic introduces an increased risk to those classified as being obese; some surgeons may even refuse to operate on patients who are seriously overweight. But it is not just the actual surgery that is problematic, recovery time is often extended, and the risk of a secondary infection is normally elevated.

How Fast Can I lose My Excess Weight?

It is the number one question we get asked. The speed of weight loss to a certain degree is controlled by you. As an example, if you are prepared to stop consuming alcohol during the treatment process the speed of weight loss will be greater than if you just cut down. The average long term weight loss on the My Weigh Less course is around one to two pounds per week, a little higher in the first few weeks maybe. You may find it interesting to visit the Weight Loss Management Plan.

Although the weight loss results and success stories shown on the site are typical, individual results will vary, and are not guaranteed. Weight loss success depends on each individual’s level of motivation, commitment, food intake and metabolism.