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Fat Loss Specialist

Fat Loss Specialist

weight loss specialists

Downloadable Weight Loss Treatment. Sarah Hart, featured below, lost an impressive 140 pounds following her treatment with fat loss specialist team Martin and Marion Shirran. Following this, she was interviewed on TV around the world. Her story has also been told extensively in the press. What is so interesting to many people about Sarah and other verified case studies on this site is that Sarah lost weight over ten years ago. And her weight loss has remained constant ever since. The unique element of the Shirrans’ weight-loss treatment is that it delivers a permanent solution. You can read Sarah’s weight-loss success story here.

fat loss specialists

Medically Endorsed Weight Loss Specialists

Alison, featured below, lost an incredible 75 pounds following her treatment with Martin and Marion. The youngest client to complete their treatment was just 14 years of age, whilst the oldest was 86. Some clients wish to lose just a few pounds to fit into their wedding dress. Whereas others, like Sarah, featured above, lost half her body weight. On the pages of this site, you can read Medical Endorsements regarding the treatment and view a number of verified case studies, along with their before and after photos. Martin and Marion Shirran are weight-loss specialists. So, if you need help losing weight, you are in the right place.

My Weigh Less

Fat Loss Specialist

So what is a Fat loss Specialist? It seems, to me at least, like a strange title. I guess it’s another name for a Weight-Loss Specialist. In other words, someone who helps those suffering from obesity to formulate a weight-loss plan. Ideally, one that works and delivers a permanent solution. I am not even sure that, in most cases, the person even needs to be a specialist, just someone with some common sense around dieting and nutrition. Obesity is now at pandemic levels in most Western countries. Without a doubt, both the dramatic increase in highly processed foods and the sedentary lifestyle adopted have fuelled the level of obesity.

But what about an obesity/fat loss/weight loss specialist? When someone is described or labelled as being obese, it is often very depressing. It usually has such negative connotations. I can remember, as clearly as if it were yesterday, the first time I was called obese. It was more than 50 years ago; a doctor was examining me in a hospital. To the medical students, he described me as an obese male requiring an appendectomy. I really don’t think I was overweight at the time. It’s strange, though; after 50 years, I have never forgotten his words and his description of me. Obese! Argh!

Fat Loss Specialist My Weigh Less Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery
A Weight-Loss Specialist

Anyway, similar to obese, let’s get back to the word FAT. And my thoughts around the fact that it is the most misplaced/misunderstood word in the English dictionary. So, let me explain: I have worked for over fifteen years in the weight-loss industry. Yes, I am a weight-loss expert with 15,000 hours of 1:1 clinical experience, working with people wishing to lose weight. Before that, I was also on the continual circuit of weight loss, then weight gain myself. I tried every diet on the planet.

Clients would walk into our clinic telling us that all they wanted in their lives was to lose the fat around their middle. They talked about always being fat and how depressing it was. They just wanted to go on a diet to lose the fat. “What Fat?” I would say. “This around my belly”, they would reply. And, of course, that’s how people refer to it. However, a more helpful way to see it is that all the “extra” stuff around their belly, arms, or anywhere else on their body is really sugar/carbohydrate that is simply being stored as FAT. So, body fat is basically stored energy. You should read the Obesity and Weight Loss page for more info.

Does The My Weigh Less Course Work

As an example of our misguided thinking, just think about the word fat and how you visualise it. When you look at a pat of butter, do you instantly equate it with the fat around your waist? Of course, we’ve all been led to believe that eating fat makes us fat. However, in reality, our excess body fat is mainly a result of consuming too much sugar and processed carbs. Let’s dispel this myth right now: eating dietary fat DOES NOT make you fat.

Fat contains more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates: FACT! And so it was easy for us all to succumb to the “calories in, calories out” hypothesis for the past few decades. However, this theory also assumes that the human body treats all calories equally. And that’s the big problem because the body’s hormones respond very differently, depending on the type of foods we eat. In fact, the famous functional medicine advocate Dr Mark Hyman refers to studies which show that eating fat actually helps you burn MORE calories. His book: “Eat Fat, Get Thin” explains how the fat that we eat is the key to sustained weight loss and good health.

My Weigh Less

Marion and I often talk about that other weird word associated with weight loss, which is DIET. It’s bizarre! For example, if we take a trip to the local zoo, outside every enclosure is a small sign which tells you about the animal’s regular habitat breeding seasons, along with general details of the animal’s diet. But it has zero to do with them being overweight. Because the original meaning of the word “diet” is basically just the food that a living organism habitually eats. Naturally, the diet of the human population varies quite considerably, depending on where in the world they live. The Chinese have a very different diet from those living in the USA, for example. Katie, below, lost 100 pounds with our weight-loss treatment.

Katie 100 pounds Lighter

We’re aware that people’s interpretation of the word “diet” these days, unfortunately, also equates to deprivation. And, of course, it’s human nature that when we’re feeling deprived of something, this, in turn, leads to an elevated level of desire for that specific thing. And that’s exactly why temporarily ‘going on a diet’ can never work on a long-term basis. For sure, people can deny themselves certain foods for a short period of time whilst they strive to lose weight. But, as soon as they start eating those foods again, they will probably overcompensate for their period of denial and end up overeating. As a result, the weight will return, often even more than before the “diet” started.

When interviewed, overweight people will tell you that they eat because they are sad, lonely, bored, tired, depressed, or even just to please someone else, seldom because they are hungry. Placing someone on a food-restricted diet is simply treating the symptom, not the cause, and this should never happen in the health arena. By treating obesity with uniquely developed psychological interventions, it is possible to introduce permanent change…resulting in permanent weight loss. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

The Fat Loss Specialists

So what about being a Fat Loss Specialist? I guess that is the term some people could incorrectly use to describe Marion and myself. In reality of course, we are weight-loss specialists. At our clinic, we have welcomed over a thousand clients who have visited us from around the world, each wanting to lose weight. We have accumulated over fifteen thousand hours of 1:1 treatment time with clients, resulting in us being specialists in our field. We have no shortage of experience! And we developed a unique, medically endorsed weight-loss programme.

How I reversed my type 2 diabetes

We provide a proven, medically endorsed, no diet, no exercise, permanent weight-loss course. Impossible, you might think! Please read the Does It Work? page, which we hope you will find both exciting and informative. Additionally, you will find a link to the ‘Medical Professionals’ pages, which includes an endorsement of the effectiveness of the treatment by an NHS Consultant Surgeon, along with the opinions and observations of a number of other medical professionals. Kay, above, lost over 100 pounds.

The non-surgical approach to weight loss that we developed at the Elite Clinic is now fully downloadable. You can complete the My Weigh Less course on any device, smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. This means that you can complete the entire course without having to leave the comfort and security of your own home. The programme is made up of twelve sections, and you can complete them at whatever speed you wish. On the pages of this site, you can read a full breakdown of just what is included in the My Weigh Less treatment programme. You can also read more about us, Martin and Marion, and our work in the area of permanent weight loss.

My Weigh Less

The treatment is the subject of two bestselling books published globally by Hay House. Following publication, we were invited to New York to appear on a TV special about our work on the Good Morning America TV Show. We also went on to appear on the This Morning show in the UK. Following the global publicity, Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University in San Fransisco invited us to present our work involving psychology and weight loss at two international university presentations. You can read a dedicated page relating to Obesity in the Police Force and how to reverse it.

Articles about our successful clients have appeared in many different newspapers, including the Daily Mail, The Times, The Telegraph and the Express. Additionally, magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Hello, Woman, Reader’s Digest and Psychologies have featured our work.

Dieting is often seen as a downstream solution to obesity, addressing the symptoms rather than the root causes of the problem. While it can be effective in helping individuals shed excess weight in the short term, it is often not a sustainable, long-term solution to the complex issue of obesity.

In conclusion, dieting may offer temporary relief from obesity, but it is not a comprehensive solution. To combat obesity effectively, we must focus on upstream strategies that address its underlying drivers and promote a healthier society as a whole. We can only recommend that you do your research, and feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Fat Loss Specialist?

A Fat Loss Specialist is another name for a Weight Loss Specialist or Dieting Counsellor. There are many weight-loss clubs and groups available, which enable you to join weekly or monthly weigh-in meetings and listen to presentations by the individuals running the programme. Whether these people are professionals or specialists is an unknown quantity.

Can I Lose Weight Permanently Without Surgery?

Most certainly! In fact, there is no need for weight-loss surgery at all. Verified results are published on our website that indicate an equal level of success without surgery. In fact, exercise is not a vital component either. Read the Medical Endorsement section of the site.

How Fast Can I Lose The Weight?

People contacting us to ask how fast they can lose their excess weight is, without a doubt, the most common question we hear. The answer, of course, depends on the individual and how committed they are. In general, a week-on-week weight loss of 1- 2 pounds per week is what we would expect. Of course, in the first few weeks, the weight loss will be more, but it will eventually settle down to somewhere between 1 to 2 pounds on average. You may be interested in our page – How to Turbo Charge Your Metabolism.

Is it true that eating dietary fat doesn’t necessarily lead to weight gain? How does this work?

Yes, it’s true. Contrary to the common belief that eating fat leads to weight gain, excess body fat is often the result of consuming too much sugar and processed carbohydrates. Dietary fat alone does not inherently make you gain weight. The body’s hormonal response to different types of foods plays a crucial role in weight management.

What unique psychological interventions are employed to address emotional eating and promote lasting change?

My Weigh Less specialises in psychological interventions that address the emotional aspects of overeating. These interventions focus on the root causes of overeating, helping individuals develop healthier relationships with food and themselves. By treating the underlying emotional triggers, we aim to foster permanent change and sustainable weight loss.

Can you explain the key factors contributing to the obesity epidemic mentioned in the article?

The obesity epidemic is driven by a combination of factors, including the increased consumption of highly processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle. These elements have collectively contributed to rising obesity rates in many Western countries.

Weight Loss Specialist

Are you tired of trying an endless list of diets that just don’t work? Frustrated with the constant cycle of losing and regaining weight? Are you looking for a medically endorsed solution, one based on thousands of hours of clinical experience?  Maybe something that doesn’t involve following a restrictive diet, doing lots of exercise, or having invasive surgery…? So, go ahead, relax, and take a few minutes to daydream… What would it be like to be slim and healthy, to be at your target weight? Can you imagine if you never had to go on a diet again or be afraid of food? What if you were able to enjoy every social event with the fantastic feeling of extra energy and improved self-esteem? Welcome to My Weigh Less Master Class – The Gold Standard in Permanent Weight Loss.

fat loss specialist

Read on to find out about our award-winning solution! But first, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Martin and Marion Shirran, and we have worked in the field of weight loss for almost 20 years. We are both clinical therapists and the developers of the globally acclaimed Gastric Mind Band Permanent Weight-Loss Treatment. Articles about our treatment and successful clients have appeared in the global media, including The Times, The Telegraph and the Express. Additionally, magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Hello, Woman, Reader’s Digest and Psychologies have featured our work, as have TV shows around the world.

MWL effortlessly delivers the dieter into the eye of the dieting storm. On a psychological level, it delivers a profound and excitingly new approach to the introduction of change in a person’s life. The treatment allows participants to seamlessly overcome their negative issues around food and eating in general, resulting in them being able to make the connection between weight loss and wellness.

My Weigh Less

Fat Loss Specialist

During the twelve one-hour sessions that make up the programme, dieters learn about aspects of obesity and weight loss that they may have never associated as being connected. The programme has been built around a combination of empirically proven interventions. These include TactileCBT, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as Clinical Hypnotherapy. The treatment is designed to connect your mind with your body, delivering a simple, clean connection between Weight Loss and Wellness.

fat loss specialist

Over a thousand people travelled from around the world to experience our weight-loss treatment. Our clients include celebrities, members of the public and medical professionals, including doctors, dentists, nurses, anaesthetists and consultant surgeons. Some clients simply want to shed their excess weight to look better. However, others tell us that health is the main reason. Many of our past clients have successfully reversed medical conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatty liver disease, whereas others have managed to avoid having knee or hip replacement surgery. You may like to read more details on our Medical Endorsements page.

fat loss specialist

Our weight-loss approach has been the subject of continued research and development over the last thirteen years. Sharon, above, lost 75 pounds. Our youngest client was just fourteen, and the oldest was eighty-six. Some clients wished to lose just a few pounds to fit into their wedding dress. But others went on to lose over 100 pounds. Follow this link to sign up for our course now, and you can start your weight-loss journey today. We’d love to be your fat loss specialists.

Our psychology-focused weight loss programme provides a ‘Psychological Reset’ for those wishing to lose weight. The programme incorporates an updated version of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, TCBT, which is the subject of our bestselling book, published globally by Hay House. Professor Windy Dryden of Goldsmiths University in London endorsed the book, and Professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University in the USA wrote the foreword. We also incorporate the latest developments around Neuroplasticity and Neuro-Linguistic Programming along with many other disciplines. One component of our psychology-focused weight loss programme provides a ‘Psychological Reset’. At this statement, ‘Psychological Reset,’ we have observed many people raising their eyebrows; see below.

fat loss specialist

Let me give you a couple of examples: the programme will allow you to make a number of simple cognitive changes in your thought processes…small changes that deliver ‘massive results’. For example, think for a moment how different your relationship with food and weight loss would be if we re-programmed your subconscious mind to effortlessly replace the word “want” with the word “need”?

The result: imagine you are out having dinner with friends, ordering a burger. Instead of hearing the waiter asking: “Do you ‘want’ fries with that?” without thinking, you hear and automatically process the question as: “Do you ‘need’ fries with that?” Things would be very different, right? You see, at a cognitive level, we process those words differently. Later, maybe the waiter says, do you ‘want’ another glass of wine? You, of course, hear and cognitively process the word stream as do you ‘need’ another glass of wine. You can watch an animated video explaining ‘Want and Need’ and how it works at the bottom of this page.

Another ‘fix’ in the programme relates to just why people eat. So, during the programme, you will be asked when was the last time you ate in response to actual, physical hunger. Most people say: “Thinking about it, I haven’t been physically hungry for years”. And so we ask them: “Do you ever eat when you are bored, stressed, tired, lonely, depressed, sad, to reward yourself, when watching TV, or maybe just to please someone else?” Then, we do another reset, and so it goes on…

Martin and Marion Shirran

We have spent many months completely reformatting our unique, phenomenally successful approach to weight loss. As a result, the course is now instantly available to download to your phone, tablet, or computer. This also means that you can complete the entire course without having to leave the comfort and security of your own home. Welcome to the ‘My Weigh Less Master Class’!

My Weigh Less

Read on the pages of this website how the award-winning ‘My Weigh Less’ downloadable treatment is successfully delivering what is surely ‘utopia’ to dieters: a medically endorsed, proven weight-loss approach that provides permanent results! The programme is also based on over 15,000 1:1 clinical treatment hours. My Weigh Less can help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Permanent Weight Loss
– No Diet or Exercise Required –
– Medically Endorsed –
– 15,000 1:1 Clinical Hours Experience –
– Fully Downloadable –
– Featured in Global Media –
– Award-Winning Programme –

We have over 100 blog posts on the site, covering many different topics. The blog page section is updated almost weekly; take a look by following this Blog Page Link.

Marion Shirran, as a director of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. Marion is also involved in the government’s All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity.

My weigh Less

We were proud to be awarded the ‘Most Innovative Obesity Psychological Therapy’ in the UK Mental Health Awards 2022.

Mental Health Awards 2022 "Most Innovative Obesity Psychological Therapy Service"

We also appeared on the This Morning TV show with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Holly and Phil interviewed Martin and Marion Shirran

In 2010, we travelled to New York to be interviewed on the Good Morning America TV Show.

Good Morning America

We are also co-authors of two bestselling books about non-surgical weight loss, published by Hay House.

Martin and Marion Shirran
weight loss course

You can read a full breakdown of all the components included in the treatment package on the Course Details page. There is also an explanation of the treatment on the Does This Work? page. We look forward to working with you. Additionally, you can read reviews from medical and other professionals on the Medical Endorsement page.

Watch the Short Animated ‘Want and Need Video’ Below…

Click on the link below to listen to our short audio introduction to the weight-loss course.

Free Sample Download of My weigh Less

You can download the complete My Weigh Less course and start your weight-loss journey today.

Register Now for the My Weigh Less Course

Downloadable Weight-Loss Treatment

My Weigh Less®/ and all associated intellectual property rights are the property of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, a company registered in London.

Oxford Therapeutics Limited with My Weigh Less

You can read additional information about us and our weight-loss treatment on the Gastric Mind Band website.

My Weigh Less

Although the weight loss results and success stories shown on the site are typical, individual results will vary, and are not guaranteed. Weight loss success depends on each individual’s level of motivation, commitment, food intake and metabolism. Read our full disclaimer in the Terms & Conditions.

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