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So what is a Fat loss Specialist? It seems, to me at least, like a strange title. I guess it’s another name for a Weight Loss Specialist. Someone who helps those suffering with Obesity to formulate a weight loss plan. I am not even sure that in most cases the person even needs to be a specialist, just someone with some common sense around dieting and nutrition. Obesity is now at pandemic levels in most western countries. The dramatic increase in highly processed foods, and the sedentary lifestyle adopted have fuelled the level of obesity.

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Obesity Specialist

We Are Fat Loss Specialist

But what about an obesity specialist? When someone is described, or labelled as being obese, it can be very depressing. It has such a negative connotation. I can remember as clearly as if it were yesterday, the first time I was called obese. It was around 50 years ago; a doctor was examining me in hospital. To the medical students, he described me as an obese male, requiring an appendectomy. I really don’t think I was overweight at the time. It’s strange though, after 50 years I have never forgotten his words, his description of me.

Fat Loss Specialist My Weigh Less Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery

Martin Shirran – A Weight Loss Specialist

Anyway, similar to obese, let’s get back to the word FAT. And my thoughts that it is the most misplaced/misunderstood word in the English dictionary. Let me explain, I have worked for over fifteen years in the weight loss industry. Yes, I am a Weight Loss Expert. Before that I was on the weight loss, then weight gain continual circuit myself, for around 30+ years. I tried every diet on the planet. The only thing I never considered was having weight Loss surgery. Visit the Drinking Water To Lose Weight Page

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FAT or Sugar

Clients would walk into our clinic telling us that all they wanted in their lives was to lose the fat around their middle. They talked about always being fat and how depressing it was. They just wanted to go on a diet to lose the fat. “What Fat?” I would say,. “This around my belly”, they would reply. That is normally what people think it is, but they are so wrong. What is around their belly, or arms, or anywhere else on their body, is really sugar/carbohydrate that is simply being stored as FAT. You should read the Obesity and Weight Loss page for more info.

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Misguided Thinking

As an example of our misguided thinking, just think about the word fat and how you visualise it. When you look at a block of full-fat cheese, or a pat of butter, do you instantly equate it with the fat around your waist? Of course, we’ve all been led to believe that eating fat makes us fat. However, in reality our excess body fat is mainly a result of consuming too much sugar. It’s unfortunate and confusing that we use the same word to describe two different things.

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Featured in Psychologies Magazine

So what about being a Fat Loss Specialist? I guess that is the term some people could incorrectly use to describe Marion and myself. In reality of course we are weight loss specialists. At our clinic in Spain we have welcomed over a thousand clients, who have visited us from around the world, each wanting to lose weight. We have accumulated over ten thousand hours of 1:1 treatment time with clients, resulting in us being specialists in our field. We have no shortage of experience!

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Sarah Lost 140 Pounds

Some of our clients arrive just wanting to lose a few pounds to fit into their wedding dress, others wanted or needed to lose over a hundred pounds. Our youngest client was just 14 years of age, our oldest was a lovely lady of 86. Our most successful client Sarah Hart, photo above, went on to lose over 140 pounds. Sarah has been interviewed on Global TV, and dozens of newspapers and magazines around the world have featured her success story. You can read Sarah’s story here.

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Fully Downloadable Weight Loss That Works !!!

The non-surgical approach to weight loss that we developed at the Elite Clinic, is now fully downloadable. You can complete it on any device, smart phone, tablet, or desktop. Hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world have featured the Gold Standard treatment. The treatment is the subject of a book that was published globally by Hay House. Following publication we were invited to New York to appear on a TV special about our work on the Good Morning America TV Show. We went on to appear on the This Morning show in the UK.

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Do Our Fat Loss Techniques Work?

It is the most important question of all. On the website we have a dedicated Does It work Page’ which we hope you will find both interesting and informative . Additionally you will find a link to the ‘Medical Professionals’ pages, which includes an endorsement of the effectiveness of the treatment by an NHS Consultant Surgeon, along with the opinions and observations of a number of other medical professionals. Also on the site you can read a full breakdown of just what is included in the treatment. Read more about Martin and Marion here

We look forward to working with you.

Martin and Marion Shirran.

You can view a set of Success Stories Here

Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Fat Loss Specialist?

A Fat Loss Specialist is another name for a Weight Loss Specialist, or Dieting Counsellor. Thee are many weight loss regimes available, which enable you to join weekly, or monthly weigh-in meetings, and listen to presentations by the individuals running the program. Whether these people are professionals, or specialists, is an unknown quantity.

Can I Lose Weight Permanently Without Surgery?

Most certainly! In fact there is no need for weight loss surgery at all. Verified results are published on our website that indicate an equal level of success without surgery. In fact exercise is not a vital component either. Read the Medical Endorsement section of the site.

How Fast Can I Lose The Weight?

People contacting us to ask how fast they can lose their excess weight is, without doubt, the most common question we hear. The answer, of course, depends to a great deal on the individual, and how committed they are. In general a week on week weight loss of 1- 2 pounds per week is what we would expect. Of course, in the first few weeks the weight loss will be more, but it will eventually settle down to somewhere between 1 to 2 pounds on average.

Although the weight loss results and success stories shown on the site are typical, individual results will vary, and are not guaranteed. Weight loss success depends on each individual’s level of motivation, commitment, food intake and metabolism.