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Medical & Health Endorsements

Online Non-Surgical Weight Loss

Medical & Health Endorsements
Medical & Health Endorsements. My Weigh Less

Medical & Health Endorsements

Medical & Health Endorsements Liz Adams NHS Consultant

Elisabeth Adams, NHS Consultant Gynaecology Surgeon

Medical & Health Endorsements. Miss Elisabeth Adams, Consultant Urogynaecologist, MB, BCHIR, MA, MD, FRCOG visited Martin and Marion’s’ Elite Clinics in November 2019, to experience their Weight Loss Treatment. When the NHS Consultant realised she wanted/needed to lose weight, she undertook her research. Then immediately decided to visit Martin and Marion Shirran and complete the treatment.

After going through the weight loss therapy, and experiencing all the benefits of changing my mindset and relationship with food, I wouldn’t hesitate now, to recommend my own patients to choose the psychological route, rather than the surgical option. You can read the full review at the end of this page.

Other Medical & Health Endorsements

Professor Philip Zimbardo, Stanford University, San Fransisco.

“The Shirrans’ version of CBT, Pause Button Therapy is simple, effective and they will show you it works around weight loss! It’s a fine example that time perspectives are modifiable, and, when modified correctly, positive physical, mental and emotional results are gained”.

Dr. Leila Edwards, Transformations Institute, Dubai.

Martin and Marion Shirran have synthesised elements of CBT, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy to create a brilliantly simple and powerful weight loss technique, for making life choices, and effecting positive change.”

Professor Windy Dryden, Goldsmiths University, London.

“Their book ‘Pause Button Therapy’ clearly describes a technique that can be employed to very good effect in a range of therapies. I recommend its use” We have a dedicated CBT page on this site

Professor Stelios N. Georgiou, University of Cyprus.

Their approach makes sense to everyone, from teachers to psychologists to parents and students. It is wonderfully simple, but simply effective. I am finding it to be a great tool.

Emmanuel Andreadis, MD. Dept. Internal Medicine, Athens.

“Their unique method around weight loss is refreshingly blunt. You would not fill your cars tank to overflowing with fuel, so why do you do it to your stomach on a daily basis. Their book could save lives – and it might save yours”

Dr Graham Sceats – Consultant Cardiologist, Sydney.

“Obesity is associated with an increased risk of many of the developed worlds most frequently occurring illnesses including cardiovascular disease and cancers, the leading causes of death. I spent many hours talking with Marion and Martin. I was interested to hear of the work they are doing at their clinic in Spain and the development of their weight loss treatment. So I did not hesitate when they asked me to write the foreword for their book”.

Lynn Crilly, author and counsellor.

“The Shirrans’ PBT is a very simple yet powerful form of therapy. It has the potential to change lives for the better, and in doing so, have a positive impact on the stresses in today’s world”.

In 2014, Dr Sarah Clarke joined Martin and Marion Shirran to present Clinical Evidence of the effectiveness of their Pause Button Therapy with regard to weight loss at the 2nd International Time Perspective Psychology conference. This took place at Warsaw University, Poland. The Shirrans first presented details about their GMB weight loss approach, and their Pause Button Therapy, at Coimbra University, Portugal, in 2012. The keynote speaker on both occasions was Professor Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford University, San Fransisco, USA. You Can view the Full Clinical Evidence Document Here

Dr. Theano Kalavanah

Dr Theano Kalavanah wrote a paper containing research evidence, which demonstrated the efficacy of Pause Button Therapy for Permanent Weight Loss. Martin and Marion presented the paper at the 1st International Conference on Time Perspective, at Coimbra University in Portugal.

Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Marion Shirran, as a director of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity

Marion is proud to be a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. She looks forward to being able to share her vast experience, gained from over 15,000 1:1 clinical hours working with overweight individuals for the benefit of a wider audience.

Best Selling Authors

Martin and Marion along with Fiona Graham are the authors of three books relating to the work at their clinic published globally by Hay House. The book on their new version of CBT was featured by Diabetes UK and reviewed in Psychologies Magazine.

Martin and Marion have treated over one thousand clients. As a result, they have gained in excess of 15,000 1:1 hours experience helping their clients to lose weight. They have appeared on national TV in the US and the UK, and hundreds of publications have featured their work.They were invited to present their work at two psychology conferences. Firstly, at Coimbra University Portugal in 2012, and subsequently, in 2014, they joined Dr Sarah Clarke to present their work at a symposium at Warsaw University, Poland.

Martin and Marion Shirran

Martin and Marion both hold Diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and are certified and registered with the American Board and British Institute of Hypnotherapy. Marion is registered in the UK with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Martin gained his certificate in REBT from The Albert Ellis Institute in New York in 2006, after completing his primary course at Birmingham University School of Psychology. Marion gained her degree at Lancaster University in 1988.

In addition to treating a small number of private clients at their Elite Clinic, they have undertaken the Training and Accreditation of visiting therapists from around the world, wishing to provide the Shirrans’ work locally.

Medical & Health Endorsements

Case Review.

Miss Adams is a Consultant Urogynaecologist, working in the Southwest. It made sense to me

The Treatment they provide made sense to me, rather than go down the surgical route. Firstly, because many doctors do believe in the role of hypnotherapy. And I had worked with anaesthetists who used hypnotherapy to help with an anaesthetic, for example. And secondly, I realised that the counselling they included would be helpful for me.

The CBT aspect is an important part of the therapy. I know that if bariatric patients haven’t received any counselling to address their emotional eating, they can do silly things after gastric band surgery. One example of this is melting chocolate. And, as a result , they end up regaining the weight they have lost.

I had tried a lot of different diets in the past, as I was consistently 2 or 3 stone overweight since the birth of my children. As a result, I did successfully lose weight initially, but, of course, it gradually came back on again each time.

The Downsides of Bariatric Surgery

I see a lot of overweight patients. There are obvious limitations on the level of weight that is considered safe for people to have an anaesthetic, and to have surgery. This is because overweight patients are more likely to bleed, suffer blood clots, or for their wound to become infected.

I had been regularly sending my patients to have bariatric surgery, in order to lose weight, so that I could operate on them. I’ve known patients who have had complications after bariatric surgery, including one lady who nearly died.

So, I’d actually started to look into gastric band surgery for myself. Being a surgeon, however, I’m fully aware of all the risks of surgery. So, while doing my research, I came across a website featuring the work of Martin and Marion and their successful weight loss treatment.

Some of the key elements of the weight loss therapy for me

  • Firstly, the CBT sessions helped me to identify my triggers and why I was eating for reasons other than nutrition. Thanks to the CBT, I became more aware of how I had been using food for emotional reasons.
  • Secondly, the hypnotherapy sessions were very relaxing and really helped to re-programme my eating habits. The messages got through to my subconscious mind, which has taken all the struggle out of losing weight.
  • I have learned how to manage my stress better, thanks to the weight loss therapy sessions. And, of course, when you have less of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body, it makes it so much easier to lose weight!
  • I eat hardly any carbs now, especially processed carbs, which has helped bring my blood sugar control back down to normal. I was really floored to learn that at the start of the sessions I was actually prediabetic, which I hadn’t realised. This really hit a nerve with me, as there is a lot of family history of diabetes.
  • I also limit my hours of eating now, compared to how I used to eat in the past. I usually get up around 6:30am, but I don’t break my fast until around 1pm each day.
  • The counselling around nutrition and how what we eat affects our hormones also taught me lots of things.

Miss Adams is a Consultant Urogynaecologist, MB, BCHIR, MA, MD, FRCOG working in the Southwest.

Medical & Health Endorsements.

You can view Martin and Marion’s other website here www.gmband.com

Although the weight loss results and success stories shown on the site are typical, individual results will vary, and are not guaranteed. Weight loss success depends on each individual’s level of motivation, commitment, food intake and metabolism. Read our full disclaimer in the Terms & Conditions.

You can find a number of interesting pages of information in the Blog section of the site. In particular, we have a dedicated page covering the subject of Losing Weight ahead of surgery. Also we have a page dedicated to decreasing your BMI.

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