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Senolytics and Telomeres

Senolytics and Telomeres. While blood washing has captured the attention of those interested in increasing Health Span, two other areas are generating increased interest. Firstly, Senolytics: Researchers are increasingly focusing on senescent cells associated with ageing and age-related diseases. Another area of interest lies in… Read More »Senolytics and Telomeres

Blood Washing

Blood Washing Welcome to part two of our Life Span – Health Span series! Blood Washing apparently offers hope for Health Span enhancement. In a development in medical science, a new blood-washing intervention has emerged as a suggested game-changer in the quest to improve health… Read More »Blood Washing

Amelia Earhart’s Wisdom

Amelia Earhart’s Wisdom: Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis are prominent figures in cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT). Albert Ellis developed REBT in the late 1950s. Aaron Beck’s CBT came a little later in the 1960s. But maybe a female aviator, Amelia… Read More »Amelia Earhart’s Wisdom

Lose Weight in 2024

Lose Weight in 2024 As we get close to the start of winter, with our clocks soon to be adjusted and the eager anticipation of long darker evenings, it’s a moment to maybe start thinking of the New Year’s Resolutions we will be making in… Read More »Lose Weight in 2024

How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast How to Lose Weight Fast. Losing weight quickly using proven psychological strategies involves harnessing the power of your mind to make sustainable changes in your eating habits, behaviours, and attitudes towards food and exercise. Adopting a psychological approach to weight… Read More »How to Lose Weight Fast

Be Happy and Slim

Be Happy and Slim. Let’s think about weight loss for a moment. Consider it a journey that many people embark upon—a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant and fulfilling life, achieved just by shedding those extra pounds that burden our bodies.   Imagine a life… Read More »Be Happy and Slim

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