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Go ahead, relax, and take a few minutes to daydream. What would it be like to be slim and healthy? To be at your target weight? Dream about never having to go on a diet again, never having to fear food, being able to enjoy every social event, having an abundance of extra energy, and improved self-esteem. Welcome to the proven, evidence-based My Weigh Less Master Class.

Dream to be Slim, Weight Loss With CBT. My Weigh Less. Downloadable weight loss treatment.

In October 2021, the fully downloadable version of Martin and Marion Shirran’s globally acclaimed Gastric Mind Band Permanent Weight Loss Treatment ‘My Weigh Less’ will be launched. For the first time, the unique, phenomenally successful approach to weight loss, will become instantly available to download to your phone, tablet, or computer, allowing you to complete the course in your own home. The approach concentrates on what is agreed to be the epicentre around the issues and problems of excess weight, that is Psychology – The Brain…

New Downloadable Weight Loss Course

Over a thousand people, including Medical Professionals, celebrities, and members of the public, have travelled from around the world, to visit the Elite Clinic in Spain, investing thousands of pounds to spend four days with the Shirrans, who are regarded as the market leaders in their field. They all shared a common desire; to lose weight. If you are wondering just why they came and invested so much money, then please take a look at the “Does this Work” page...

Kay successfully reversed her Type 2 Diabetes

Some clients simply want to shed their excess weight to look better, others tell us that health is the main reason. Many of our past clients have successfully reversed medical conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatty liver disease. Others have managed to avoid having knee, or hip replacement surgery.

Martin and Marion were featured in Psychologies Magazine.

Psychologies Magazine featured the Shirrans Pause Button Therapy., now incorporated into the My Weigh Less Treatment. Downloadable weight loss treatment.

The Shirrans’ weight loss approach has been the subject of continued research and development over the last fifteen years. Their youngest client was just fourteen years of age, the oldest, eighty-six. Some clients wished to lose just a few pounds to fit into their wedding dress, others, like Sarah Hart, pictured below, wanted, and went on to lose over 140 pounds. Read her full story on the Success Pages.

Sara Hart lost 140 pounds with the Shirrans weight loss treatment. Downloadable weight loss treatment.

The psychological approach incorporates , Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It also includes the Shirrans’ own Life Architecture Therapy, along with TCBT, their own upgraded version of CBT. Developed at the clinic, TCBT is the subject of their bestselling book, published globally by Hay House. Their book was endorsed by Professor Windy Dryden, of Goldsmiths University in London, the foreword was written by Professor Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford University in the USA.

Weight loss treatment is psychology focused with CBT and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Downloadable weight loss treatment.

Rarely are people overweight because they are lazy, or lacking in willpower

Being overweight, having an unhealthy relationship with food, is predominantly a psychological issue; a learned behaviour… people are not born obese. Very rarely are people overweight because they are lazy or lacking in willpower; the issue goes deeper. They simply need a ‘Psychological Reset.’ Sharon, below lost 70 pounds with Martin and Marion’s treatment.

Sharon underwent her weight loss treatment with Martin and Marion Shirran. Downloadable weight loss treatment.

Many clients tell us that they can’t remember the last time they ate in response to real, physical hunger. We will ask you: “Do you eat when you are bored, stressed, tired, lonely, depressed, sad, to reward yourself, or maybe just to please someone else?” Then we will help you to change your mindset around food.

Changing a persons thinking at a cognitive level is not hard. My Weigh Less Masterclass. Downloadable weight loss treatment.

We will help you to make simple changes

We will also help you to make simple changes in your other thought processes… How much better could your relationship with food be, if we taught your subconscious mind how to effortlessly replace the word “want” with the word “need”? For example, instead of hearing the waiter asking, “Do you want fries with that?” without thinking you process the question as, “Do you need fries with that?” You can view a short animated video explaining Want and Need at the bottom of this page

Martin and Marion’s treatment was featured in Hello magazine

So, how would you feel, if you had the opportunity today, to sit down alone with Martin and Marion, with an ever-flowing cup of coffee? And what if, over the course of several hours, they told you everything they know about permanent weight loss? And they shared with you all the tips, techniques and secrets they normally reserve exclusively for their visiting international clients? Welcome to the ‘My Weigh Less Master Class’

Downloadable treatment can be completed on any device.

So, allow us to inspire and guide you. Allow your dreams to become reality. You can read more details about what is included in the My Weigh Less course on this site. There is no reason why you can’t start your weight loss journey today!

Your desire to be slim and healthy may shift from a dream to reality… sooner than you think.

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View Short Animated Want and Need Video here

Click on the link below to listen, with no obligation, to Martin and Marion‘s short audio introduction of the weight loss course.

You can download the first session or the complete course, and start your weight loss journey today, from just £39.00.

You can read additional information about Martin and Marion Shirran and their weight loss treatment on the GMBand website at www.gmband.com

Katie was featured in the National Press following her amazing weight loss achieved at the Elite Clinic with Marion Shirran. Downloadable weight loss treatment.
Sara Hart lost 140 pounds following her treatment with Martin and Marion Shirran. Downloadable weight loss treatment
Sharon Visited the Shirrans Weight Loss Clinic in Spain. Downloadable weight loss treatment.