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Weight Loss Experts

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weight loss experts

My Weigh Less

Downloadable Weight-Loss Treatment

We are the #1. Weight Loss Experts, and we look forward to helping you. Sarah Hart, featured below, lost an incredible 140 pounds following our professional weight loss treatment and advice. She has appeared globally on the TV and in the press to share her experience. You can purchase the downloadable course by following this link, or read further information on the site. You can also read more details about Sarah in the Success Stories Section.

Weight Loss Experts

Seeking out a Weight Loss Expert, or a Weight Loss Professional, is not easy; in fact it’s a minefield. But, in all honesty, it shouldn’t be that way. People wishing to lose weight are spending literally millions of pounds globally. The vast number of diets, diet books, diet downloads, keep fit apps, and all the surgical and pharmaceutical options, is all enough to give anyone a migraine. The average person can drown under the hundreds, if not thousands, of options available. Sadly, however, most will prove to be ineffectual. You can also read our blog: How Many Calories Should I be Eating to Lose Weight?

weight loss experts

Searched for Weight Loss Experts?

If you Google either of the two descriptions Weight Loss Expert, or Professional, you will get hundreds of thousands of results in a second. I know: I just did it! Whether those individuals listed are in fact Experts, or Professionals, in the weight-loss arena, is not for us to say. But, if that many professionals exist, how come the obesity pandemic is growing at the alarming rate we are witnessing in the Western world? You may find it interesting to read our blog:How to Lose Weight When You Are Obese

weight loss experts

We are Professional Weight Loss Experts

In my office I have a collection of fifty seven diet books. Today, when I typed dieting into the books section on Amazon, I saw the first 48 results of a combined list of more than 20,000 items. Really….? It’s interesting that one of the first search results for weight loss/diet books, is for a book which was by a reality TV star, who is now a model. Honestly, has she ever been obese, or on a diet herself? Has she ever experienced bullying because of her weight? So what qualifies these people to write the books, and guide, or lecture people, regarding successful, permanent weight loss?

weight loss experts

I was Obese for Thirty Years

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Martin Shirran and I was obese for over thirty years. I completed non-stop diets for most of that period. I did every diet known to man, plus a few others that were maybe not. Anyone who has done any research about me will be aware that I was the first trial candidate for the Gastric Mind Band weight-loss treatment that Marion and I developed. I lost just over 80 pounds, and that was around twelve years ago. You can see my before and after photo below, and also read my weight-loss story on this website. So, if you are reading this because you are overweight, then I have been exactly where you are now. Check out our dedicated page on the site: “Obesity and Weight Loss” for more information.

Martin Shirran My Weigh Less.

I’ve been working in the weight-loss arena for close to twenty years and amassed over fifteen thousand hours of 1:1 treatment time. I’ve also taken part in university presentations across Europe. Additionally, Marion and I and have flown to both New York and London to talk on National Television about our work with treating overweight clients. We work hard to try and keep up with all the latest developments and treatment methods. It seems that new information is published on an almost daily basis. So, I ask myself, what about the average person? How can they make informed decisions about tackling obesity?

Holly and Phil. This morning TV

Weight Loss Professionals

So, just who is classed as a Weight Loss Experts, or Weight Loss Professional? UK doctors, or general practitioners, come up as number one on Google. But unfortunately, many medical schools dedicate a total of less than 25 hours to nutritional training! An article in the Lancet Planetary Health stated that: “According to the 2019 Global Burden of Disease Study of 195 countries, dietary factors are the single leading cause of death.” A 2017 review of 24 different studies found that globally nutrition was “insufficiently incorporated into medical education.”

professional weight loss advice

Poor diet causes many illnesses

One of the UK’s leading GPs, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, recently estimated that around 80% of his patients’ health problems were directly linked to poor diet and lifestyle. However, in his TV documentary, “Who made Britain so Fat?”, Dr Michael Mosley pointed out some rather shocking research results. It seems that only around 30% of GPs feel qualified to give any dietary, or weight-loss advice to their obese patients! So much for general practitioners being listed as weight loss experts… But, to be honest, the figures don’t surprise us. We have welcomed a number of NHS surgeons, anaesthetists, doctors, nurses and diabetes practice managers to our clinic over the years, because they recognise our position as weight loss professionals.

Weight loss specialists. Fat loss Specialists.My Weigh Less.

We Use Psychology For Weight Loss

Our approach to weight loss is completely psychological: no surgery or drugs are involved. You can read details about the treatment on the My Weigh Less website. Basically, in twelve hours, we will strive to change your relationship with food. A big claim, yes it is, but one based on the treatment of over a thousand people from around the world. Our youngest client was just fourteen years of age, our oldest was eight six. Some wanted to lose just six or seven pounds to get into their wedding dress. Others, like Katie, photo below, went on to lose an impressive 100 pounds, and reversed her PCOS in the process, thanks to making some diet and lifestyle changes. You can read Katie’s success story on the website.

Weight loss success

Do You Eat When You’re, Sad, Lonely, Upset or Bored?

So, just what do we do? A Psychological Reset. You see, it’s a fact that no child is born obese; eating for reasons other than hunger is a learned behaviour. We will ask you: Do you eat when you are sad, upset, lonely, angry, depressed, tired, anxious, in secret, when you are watching TV, or maybe just to please someone else? Then we reset your thinking around food. When you ask someone who has completed the treatment for an explanation, they often say. “Now I eat when I am hungry, and stop when I am not”. Featured in Psychologies magazine, as weight loss experts

Fat Loss Specialist My weigh Less

Verified Weight Loss Professionals

On our website we have a number of client case studies, along with verified before and after photos. You can read past client stories and view their photographs. We are proud to be the authors of the two books on the subject, published internationally by Hay House. They have been endorsed by both Professor Wind Dryden of Goldsmiths University London, and Professor Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford University in San Francisco. The home page of our website is a good place to start.

weight loss professionals

Fully Downloadable Treatment

In August 2021, the fully downloadable ‘My Weigh Less’ course was launched. It’s built around our a globally acclaimed Gastric Mind Band Treatment. For the first time, the unique, phenomenally successful approach to weight loss, is instantly available to download to your phone, tablet, or computer. Over the past few years, doctors have referred overweight patients to us so we can help them lose weight before they have an operation. And now our treatment is available in a downloadable format, you can complete the whole course without having to leave the comfort and security of your own home. Of course this is great news for anyone with mobility problems, such as those waiting for knee or hip replacement surgery, for example.

My Weigh Less downloadable weight loss course.

Does This Work? – Weight Loss Experts

It is the most important question of all. On the website we have a dedicated Does It work?’ page’ which we hope you will find both interesting and informative. Additionally, you will find a link to the ‘Medical Professionals’ pages, which includes an endorsement of the effectiveness of the treatment by an NHS Consultant Surgeon, along with the opinions and observations of a number of other medical professionals. Also on the site, you can read a full breakdown of just what the treatment includes on the Course Details page.

Weight loss specialists. Fat loss Specialists.My Weigh Less.

Below is a selection of weight-loss tips that everyone can start using straight away. And, if you enroll in the My Weigh Less Course, you will learn many more of our helpful tips and techniques about how to achieve successful, permanent weight loss.

Tip No. 1 – Only Eat When You’re Hungry!

This has to be our number one, golden rule, when it comes to achieving successful weight loss. In our experience, most overweight people eat for many different reasons, other than physical hunger. But, if you allow your emotions to control your eating habits, then it is unlikely that you will be able to control your weight as a result. So, before you reach for anything to eat, stop and ask yourself first if you physically NEED to eat, or you just WANT to…


Tip No. 2 – Use a Smaller Plate!

You’ve probably heard this many times before, but it’s a fact that people who use larger plates tend to eat more food than those who eat from smaller plates. Remember the famous Delboeuf optical illusion, because a small portion of food looks more generous when served on a smaller size plate. If you stick to our mantra, “always go for quality over quantity”, then you will definitely lose weight much more easily.

Delboeuf Optical Illusion

Tip No. 3 – Drink a Glass or Two of Water Before Your Meal!

Reduce Your Calorie Intake by over 20%, with almost with no effort! Research results, published by Harvard Medical showed that people who drank two large glasses of water, just before eating, consumed, on average, around 20% less food than previously. This is possibly as a result of the stretching and fullness sensation in the stomach.

weight loss tips

Tip No. 4 – Eat Slowly and Mindfully!

A growing number of studies have consistently found a correlation between speed of eating and weight, so it is officially accepted now that faster eaters are definitely more likely to become overweight. Studies have also shown that people are much more likely to eat more when their eating is mindless, as opposed to mindful. So, make meal times an occasion by sitting down at a table, with no distractions. Then eat slowly and savour every mouthful. You will naturally eat less food and also find it easier to lose weight as a result!

top weight loss tips

Tip No. 5 – Stay Away From Sugar and Highly Processed Foods!

It’s a fact that sugar and highly processed foods have addictive properties! So much so, that many people find that once they start eating these foods, they literally can’t stop. And, of course, if you’re making such poor food choices, this in turn will make it almost impossible for you to lose weight. So, our advice is to choose healthy, unprocessed foods and limit the amount of sugar you consume. As a result, you will have far more control over how much you eat and also how much weight you can lose.

top weight loss tips

Tip No. 6 – Eat Your Favourite Foods on the Plate First!

You may not be aware of how important this tip is, but the order in which you eat your food can actually have a big impact on how much you consume! It’s quite common for overweight people to “save the best til last” when eating. In other words they only eat their favourite food right at the end. It’s not so surprising then, that they also tend to eat everything on their plate, regardless of how uncomfortably full they feel. Because, of course, they don’t want to miss out on the “best bit”!

weight loss experts

However, our advice is to eat your favourite things first. Not only will you enjoy it more, but it’s also much easier to stop when you’ve eaten just the right amount and leave the rest on the plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Weight Loss Expert?

If you put the question into Google, you will see a random set of answers on your screen. You may be directed to a Nutritionist, or prompted to go to a sign-up page of a number of Diet Plan companies that will try to sell you their own range of foods. Maybe you will be recommended to join one of the diet clubs, or meal replacement groups.

How Fast Can I Lose My Excess Weight?

At our Weight Loss Clinic, the question: “How Fast Can I Lose The Weight?” was always the question we heard the most. Of course, in all honesty, no one knows. There are so many factors to consider. For example, how much someone weighs at the outset, or how strictly they will follow the plan. Or even, will they be undertaking any physical exercise? The list goes on… With the My Weigh Less course, we would expect you to lose weight at a steady, healthy pace. In the first few weeks, you will probably lose quite a few pounds as you start making some diet and lifestyle changes, of course. But then the weight loss will settle down to average somewhere between one to two pounds per week.

Can I Lose Weight Without help?

Yes, you certainly can lose weight, without paying a so-called expert, or specialist. There are a number of proven diets and approaches available. Our advice is, do your research. Check out the verified case studies, clinical evidence, and look for any medical endorsements. If none exist, then ask yourself why… Read our page – Why It Is Harder to Lose Weight As We Get Older.

Registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Marion Shirran, as a director of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

My weigh Less

Marion is also involved in the government’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity.

We were proud to be awarded the ‘Most Innovative Obesity Psychological Therapy’ in the UK Mental Health Awards 2022.

Mental Health Awards 2022 "Most Innovative Obesity Psychological Therapy Service"

We also appeared on the This Morning TV show, with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Holly and Phil interviewed Martin and Marion Shirran

And, in 2010, we travelled to New York to be interviewed on the Good Morning America TV Show.

As featured on Good Morning America

We are also co-authors of two, bestselling books, about non-surgical weight loss, published by Hay House.

Martin and Marion Shirran
weight loss course

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My Weigh Less®/ and all associated intellectual property rights, are the property of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, a company registered in London.

Oxford Therapeutics Limited with My Weigh Less

You can read additional information about us and our weight-loss treatment on the Gastric Mind Band website.

Although the weight loss results and success stories shown on the site are typical, individual results will vary, and are not guaranteed. Weight loss success depends on each individual’s level of motivation, commitment, food intake and metabolism. Read our full disclaimer in the Terms & Conditions.

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