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I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

‘Dream to be slim’

I Lost 100 pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

How Katie, Suffering from PCOS, Lost 100 pounds with CBT

Katie had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Hyperinsulinism. Following her 100-pound weight loss, her story was featured in multiple newspapers and magazines.

Katie Success story 100 pounds Lighter My Weigh Less

PCOS can often make it very challenging for the sufferer to lose weight. She lost seven stone after working with Martin and Marion; Katie attributes most of her success to the CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy part of her treatment and is now a healthy weight for her height, which she has effortlessly maintained. Katie went on to lose 100 pounds following her treatment.

At school, I always thought of myself as being big, but looking back on photos, I think this was because I was tall. I really started to gain weight quickly when I went to university. This was a result of too many cheese toasties and an overreliance on cheap pasta and tomato ketchup!

Katie is 100 pounds lighter Weight Loss Success Story. My weigh Less

I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Katie’s weight reached 17 stone 8 pounds, then she started to look at ‘extreme’ ways of losing weight – this included diet pills on the internet and the costs of a surgical gastric band. “For me, weight loss was crucial, I didn’t want to die early as a result of my ‘lack of control’. I knew the health implications but didn’t really understand why I couldn’t lose weight. I even started reading a number of pages on various forums around the gastric band surgery option, but I didn’t like what I read.

I lost 100 pounds with CBT

So, I contacted Martin and Marion after I’d seen a TV programme that was exploring all the weight loss solutions (presented by Dawn Porter). She had tried a hypnosis session for weight loss and felt that it was the only thing (out of all the weird and wonderful diets) that offered something sustainable.

Katie Success story 100 pounds Lighter My Weigh Less

Katie is 100 pounds Lighter.

A few people had recommended CBT (not just for weight loss but for other areas of my life). I read every page of their website because I was so intrigued. The treatment mix of both Clinical Hypnosis and CBT that they offered seemed to be an exciting way of combining the benefits of both therapies. I thought I’d give it a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Looking back, I think I knew within five minutes of meeting them that their treatment was going to work. They knew exactly what they were talking about…

I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

I was very sceptical before I arrived for the treatment – but really wanted to try something that I thought would be sustainable, addressing lousy eating habits, rather than providing a short-term ‘sticking plaster’ approach. That hasn’t worked for me before. I know that yo-yo dieting is unhealthy, not to mention the impact it has had on my self-esteem in the past. Everything about their approach was so professional I felt safe in their hands. I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

I Lost 100 pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

At the outset, I had the odd doubt, as I had tried so many things over so many years. When I left their clinic, I was feeling confident and thoroughly convinced I would lose weight. I could not work out where the change in my thinking had come from, but something was different. I didn’t want to weigh myself immediately, as I didn’t want to become obsessed with scales. It was more about how I felt that was important.

I lost 100 pounds with CBT

After four weeks had passed, I got on the scales. I had lost an amazing 12 kg, over 25 pounds. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. The incredible weight loss definitely provided a huge confidence kick! After that, I lost around two pounds a week on average. And it was just so really easy!

I found that no willpower was needed at all. Just concentration on making sure you incorporated all the mental tools they gave me during the treatment. That was especially true when I identified areas in my life that are normally ‘high risk’. As soon as I applied rational thinking to situations, willpower was no longer required.

I lost 100 pounds with CBT

Katie 100 Pounds Lighter

With Martin and Marion’s therapy you can eat almost whatever food you like – As long as you are only eating when you are hungry. And ensuring you stop when you are satisfied. They explained that, because of my PCOS and Hyperinsulinism, I have to be really careful about the amount of carbs I eat. This was because whenever I eat carb-rich foods, my body has to produce a lot more Insulin, compared with people who don’t have this problem, in order to regulate my blood sugar.

However, after making some lifestyle changes and losing 100 lbs, Katie managed to successfully reverse her condition to the extent that her ovarian cysts are now virtually non-existent. You may also like to read our page, “Weight Loss Tips for PCOS.”

I lost 100 pounds with CBT

I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

I feel a lot more in control now – not just about my weight, food and alcohol, but all other walks of life. The process taught me to identify areas in my life where I had a ‘low tolerance threshold’ – where I was being irrational. I then use their twist on CBT, Pause Button therapy, to stop and consider the consequences of my actions – putting the argument to ‘the jury’ to sense test my decision. It’s been super helpful at work!!

I would never have believed it possible that I could have almost effortlessly lost 100 pounds. It became obvious that a lot of time I just wasn’t hungry – I realised that I often ate when I was tired. As Marion simply asked, ‘Why do you think eating will stop you feeling tired? Isn’t rest a better solution?’ This was a vast ‘penny drop’ moment for me.

Katie Success story 100 pounds Lighter My Weigh Less

Before completing the treatment with Martin and Marion, I realised that my mind was overruling signs of feeling full. So much so I would leave almost every meal feeling overstuffed and, very often, guilty. The proof has been keeping the weight off; Martin and Marion have provided great support so far. I often listen to the recordings that they gave me. The maybe unexpected impact on my health has been a real positive incentive, too. My PCOS is so under control now that the cysts have almost disappeared completely!

It’s a great feeling to be able to shop in ‘normal’ clothes shops now. I’ve reached my target weight now. Nowadays, I feel in a lot more control of my eating, and I realise that when I thought I was hungry, I really wasn’t. I look back on the way I ate before and the amount I was eating; it was scary. Now I notice that I eat much more slowly. I realise precisely why I was overweight now – I wasn’t listening to my body at all.

My Weigh Less- I Lost 100 pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Of all the different parts of the therapy, it was the CBT part that piqued my attention; it all just made so much sense. After the treatment, I quickly realised that when I thought I was hungry, I really wasn’t. For me, their treatment was incredibly empowering – the results go beyond weight loss. I feel a lot more in control of many aspects of my life, and controlling my eating habits is just one area. In the end, I went on to Lose 100 pounds of fat.

After I had lost the weight, as expected, I was asked a lot of questions; most friends thought I had undergone weight loss surgery. I sat down and explained the therapy to them in detail. At first, I think a few of them didn’t believe me, but slowly, they started to understand the concept. I now have a large group of friends who have been to visit Martin and Marion and completed the weight loss treatment, so not only did I turn my own life around, but also that of a number of my closest friends.

I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

So just how can CBT play a part in losing weight? We released early on that a new and upgraded version of CBT was required for the treatment of weight loss. Our new version subsequently became a core component of the Gastric Mind Band permanent weight loss treatment. The GMB therapy has since become something of a global phenomenon. Now, our all-new My Weigh Less treatment has it at its core, along with a number of other therapies, including NLP and Clinical Hypnosis.

Some of the top psychology university professors in the world have endorsed Martin and Marion’s new version of CBT. It is now the subject of the bestselling book published globally by Hay House ‘Pause Button Therapy’. An example of the use of CBT in weight loss involves using a sort of neuroplasticity to change a person’s thinking. So, following the treatment, when you hear someone ask: do you want extra fries with that? without thinking, you will automatically hear: do you need extra fries with that?

Take Control With CBT

I lost 100 pounds with CBT

The Results Have Been Incredible

I was sceptical before I started as I had never had ‘therapy’ before, neither CBT nor Hypnotherapy. I found the process enjoyable and eye-opening, and the results have been incredible. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy was, I feel, life-changing; it was my first experience, and it just worked seamlessly… In fact, to be truthful, the programme worked exactly as they said it would… for more information, please read our blog post “Can CBT Help with Weight Loss?” For anybody struggling with weight loss or considering weight loss surgery, do take a look at this page. Gastric Band, Sleeve or Bypass.

weight loss CBT

In the remarkable journey of Katie, who lost an astonishing 100 pounds through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), we witness the transformative power of this approach. Katie’s story serves as a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with their weight or facing the challenges of conditions like PCOS and Hyperinsulinism.

Katie’s experience with CBT showcases not only the incredible effectiveness of the therapy but also its holistic impact on her life. Through her journey, she shed light on the critical aspect of addressing the root causes of overeating and poor eating habits. She discovered that listening to her body and using rational thinking were the keys to her success.

The combination of Clinical Hypnosis and CBT offered by Martin and Marion Shirran provided a unique and effective approach to resetting her relationship with food. This approach has now become a core component of the Gastric Mind Band permanent weight loss treatment, supported by some of the world’s top psychology professors.

Katie’s story exemplifies the power of understanding one’s mind and using it as a tool for lasting change. Her newfound sense of control over her eating habits and the incredible reversal of her medical condition are awe-inspiring. It’s not just about losing weight; it’s about gaining control and transforming one’s life.

The journey of losing 100 pounds with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a testament to the immense potential within each of us. The results are not just about numbers on a scale but a profound change in one’s relationship with food and overall well-being. Katie’s success story is a beacon of hope for anyone looking to take control and embark on a life-changing journey toward health and happiness.

FAQ 1. Can CBT be used for weight loss in people without medical conditions like PCOS and Hyperinsulinism?

Answer: Yes, CBT can be effective for individuals without underlying medical conditions. It addresses the psychological factors that contribute to overeating, making it a versatile and powerful tool for anyone looking to reset their relationship with food and achieve lasting weight loss. Katie’s journey serves as a testament to the potential for CBT to bring about life-changing results, irrespective of the presence of medical conditions.

FAQ 2. How did Katie’s experience with CBT influence her overall well-being beyond weight loss?

Answer: Katie’s CBT experience went beyond weight loss; it positively impacted various aspects of her life. It allowed her to identify areas where she had a low tolerance threshold and provided her with tools like “Pause Button therapy” to make rational decisions, enhancing her self-control and confidence.

FAQ 3. How did the combination of Clinical Hypnosis and CBT make a difference in Katie’s weight loss journey?

Answer: The combination of Clinical Hypnosis and CBT, as offered by Martin and Marion Shirran, provided an effective approach for Katie. It not only addressed her overeating habits but also enabled her to make profound changes in her thinking patterns and relationship with food. This approach was instrumental in her remarkable transformation.

FAQ 4. What led Katie to explore Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for weight loss?

Answer: After seeing a TV programme featuring various weight loss solutions presented by Dawn Porter, Katie became intrigued by the idea of hypnosis for weight loss. She also received recommendations for CBT from people who found it beneficial not only for weight loss but also in other areas of their lives.

FAQ 5. What inspired Katie to seek a sustainable weight loss solution?

Answer: Katie’s desire for sustainable weight loss was driven by her recognition of the health implications of her condition and the realization that she didn’t want to compromise her life’s quality or longevity. She actively sought a solution that would address her overeating habits rather than provide a short-term fix.

FAQ 6. How did Katie’s university life contribute to her weight gain?

Answer: Katie’s weight gain during her university years was influenced by an unbalanced diet, including cheese toasties and low-cost pasta, as well as a hectic schedule. The demands of university life and poor eating choices played a significant role in her rapid weight gain.

FAQ 7. What health conditions did Katie struggle with before her weight loss journey?

Answer: Katie faced the challenges of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Hyperinsulinism. These conditions can make weight loss more difficult due to hormonal imbalances and insulin resistance. Katie’s success story highlights the potential for CBT to be effective even in cases where health conditions complicate weight management.

FAQ 8. What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), and how does it help with weight loss?

Answer: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach that helps individuals identify and change unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours. In the context of weight loss, CBT addresses the psychological factors contributing to overeating and unhealthy eating habits, promoting lasting change by altering one’s relationship with food and body image.

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I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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I Lost 100 pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

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I Lost 100 pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

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I Lost 100 Pounds With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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