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How to Lose Weight in 2022

How to Lose Weight in 2022

How to Lose Weight in 2022. Here we are almost running towards the summer. We have adjusted the clocks and are now looking forward to the long summer evenings and maybe our holidays. So how are you, or maybe I should say, how did you, get on with those New Year’s Resolutions, the ones we committed to…? The majority of those resolutions were probably related to plans and aspirations to change your live for the better. And, apparently starting a diet and taking control of our weight is, every year the ‘Go-To’ resolution.

This Year Will Be Different

So, how are you doing with your resolutions so far….? Because realistically, around 64% of us would have abandoned them within the first 28 days, according to a recent study with UK and Australian participants! And yet every year we just carry on making the same resolution to lose weight….”You must have heard that saying that the first sign of Insanity is to carry on repeatedly doing the same thing, whilst expecting a different result” Yet we do.

How to Lose Weight in 2022 - My Weigh Less

Well, fear not! In this article, we aim to give you some tips and motivation to ensure this year is different. This year if you want to lose weight, then you WILL. And why not. We have always said that it is everybody’s birthright to be the weight they desire, and that buy the way includes you. Sarah Hart below lost 140 pounds on our programme. She said it was “almost a walk in the park”.

Diet Secrets

How to Make 2022 Different

Even though it never seems to work, or deliver the dreamed of weight loss, we carry on, year after year. We carry on doing the same thing, but expecting a different result: they are right it is insane. Visit our weight loss management page for more in-depth information. But, as time goes on, next Christmas of course gets closer. You may wish to bookmark our ‘Drop A Dress Size for Christmas’ page, because, in honesty it is never too soon to start.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

But why do resolutions around dieting and weight loss fail in such large numbers every year? On this page we are going to give you our take on just why they fail. Then we will give you some tips and ideas to follow, to increase your chance of success. And, don’t beat yourself up if you never actually got round to using the gym membership you so solemnly signed up for at the beginning of the year. Because the truth is, you’re not alone: most people have given up on the idea well before the start of February!

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

Why Do New Year Weight Loss Efforts Fail

Traditionally, spring is symbolic of new beginnings, so it’s also the perfect time to start making healthy, lifestyle changes. And generally, this time of year our mood lifts, and we feel more positive and inclined to be more active. Plus of course the days almost appear to be stretching out, gradually get warmer and longer, until finally the summer arrives! With the BBQ season upon us, you may be interested to read our post about the best and worst BBQ diet choices that won’t sabotage your weight-loss efforts.

How to Lose Weight in 2022

So, of course, in our minds it also becomes easier to clearly see all the reasons why we need to introduce change into our lives. We also clearly understand the health benefits of losing weight. And we know how good it feels. Losing weight is certainly not rocket science, you just need to want it enough.

My Weigh Less

Everything is Stacked Against You

How to Lose Weight in 2022

Psychologically, the reason so many weight loss attempts fail, is down to three things. Firstly, in most cases, the weight loss goals we set ourselves are unrealistic. Think about it, you don’t need to be a psychologist to grasp it. If any goal or target you set yourself in life, is unachievable, impossible to achieve, then you will, at a cognitive level, dismiss it, in a heart beat. It is possible that at an unconscious level you never actually took it seriously to begin with.

If it’s impossible, then don’t bother trying….

So, it is vital that the goal you set yourself is both realistic and achievable. Secondly, the goals we set are often vague. A vague statement like, “this year I am going to lose weight” is just not going to cut it at a cognitive level. It must be more specific, like, “I am committed to losing a minimum of 6 pounds every month until I reach my goal weight”. That is achievable, and can be monitored on a weekly basis.

Whats Your Plan

Going forward, from this week you are going to lose six pounds per month, a good plan. But how will you do that? Will it be low-carb, or will it be using meal replacement products, or maybe joining a proven programme…? For the process to be sustainable it is vital that you find an approach that fits in with your lifestyle. Do a little research it will prove to be an excellent investment of your time. You know what they say: “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. It is so true, in this scenario.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

You Can Make This Year Different

Summer Holidays are on the way. The barbecues are getting cleaned, and plans are underway for that big beach holiday. So how will this summer be for you, the same as before, or are you taking control. As I have said on a number of pages on this site, Motivation is ‘Key’ If you are motivated enough you can achieve just about anything in life. But how will you do it? What will be different this time? Well, let’s make a plan, one we can stick to. Some things will have to go, a few, maybe temporary, changes will need to be introduced.

How to Lose Weight in 2022 - My Weigh Less

How to Lose Weight in 2022

Let’s Start Today

Let’s organise a reward for you achieving your first few pounds of weight loss of 2022. Commit now and book a few days away. Maybe a long weekend in Ibiza, or a weekend at a Spa. Be positive. You are going to achieve this, so book it today! Make it real, pay the deposit. Visit somewhere where you can show off your weight loss. Print off a few photos of the location.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

Then keep those photos beside the bed, maybe stick one on the door of the fridge. Make sure the images are the last thing you look at, before going to sleep. And also the first thing you see in the morning. This is your reward for achieving. Having something to look forward to will literally ‘pull you towards your goal’.

See The End Before The Beginning

In Psychology we call this ‘Going There First’. So take a peep at your images each night and morning. Commit to making it happen. You will, of course, need to decide on just what weight loss method you are going to adopt. The range is endless, from meal replacement bars and drinks, to joining one of the many weight loss groups.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

So What is the Plan

Now we have established a reward for you achieving your weight loss goal. You can use this to draw yourself forward. So what approach are you going to take? In reality, it does not matter. But do your research, check the verified case studies and images. Establish what research into the method has taken place, and how many people have tried the approach. Are there any independent media reviews? Alison, photo above, lost over 60 pounds with Martin and Marion Shirran’s GMB treatment, as featured in Hello.

How to Lose Weight in 2022

Do It Different This Time….

If you really want this 2022 attempt to be different, why not do something different. We have helped over 1,000 people lose weight, take a look around the range of Blog/Post pages on this site. Our approach to weight loss is different; it is completely psychology-focused. The treatment has been medically endorsed, as you can read. So, to start with, try eating when you are hungry. When was the last time you were really hungry? Most people in the western world haven’t been physically hungry for ten years it is believed. They eat when they are tired, sad, lonely or bored as an example.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

The Co-Founder, Trials the Treatment

Martin Shirran, was the Co-Founder of the GMB treatment. He was also the second registered trial candidate. That was over fifteen years ago, he went on to lose over 84 pounds. Now, fifteen years later, the weight has not returned. Their belief, was and still is, that helping someone lose weight is relatively easy. Ensuring that the weight loss achieved is permanent is their “Secret Silver Bullet”. Hello featured our treatment.

How To Lose Weight in 2022

If you are interested in the effect of Covid on Weight Gain, and how to overcome it, take a look at our dedicated blog post “How to Reverse Covid Weight Gain”.

FAQ 1. How fast can I lose weight?

ANSWER. It is true that in the initial phase of a new weight loss regime, the weekly weight loss can be elevated, maybe as much as 5+ pounds per week. But this is not sustainable. On an ongoing basis the regular weight loss will average out around two pounds per week. You maybe interested to read our page comparing Low Carb and Mediterranean Diets.

FAQ 2. Will the weight return?

ANSWER. How to Lose Weight in 2022

This really depends on the approach you have taken. We advocate a completely psychological approach to weight loss, based on considerable research and trials on over 1,000 clients. We pride ourselves on striving to deliver a permanent weight loss solution. But of course, there are many different options available, and we are not the only provider.

So here, hidden away, is your ‘Take Away’, your gift, if you like. Read about the Weight Loss Miracle, just take five minutes and see what Psychologists have known for years. Also Weight Loss Hypnosis is covered in another post.

FAQ 3. Can I still drink alcohol?

ANSWER. The surprising answer is yes, you can still consume alcohol and lose weight! However, it must be stressed that weight loss levels will be compromised, if alcohol is being consumed. We advise our clients, who are unable to temporarily abstain from drinking alcohol, to reduce their consumption, maybe drinking just one or two days per week.

Below is a selection of weight-loss tips that everyone can start using straight away. And, if you enroll in the My Weigh Less Course, you will learn many more of our helpful tips and techniques about how to achieve successful, permanent weight loss.

Tip No. 1 – Only Eat When You’re Hungry!

This has to be our number one, golden rule, when it comes to achieving successful weight loss. In our experience, most overweight people eat for many different reasons, other than physical hunger. But, if you allow your emotions to control your eating habits, then it is unlikely that you will be able to control your weight as a result. So, before you reach for anything to eat, stop and ask yourself first if you physically NEED to eat, or you just WANT to…

top weight loss tips

Tip No. 2 – Stay Away From Sugar and Highly Processed Foods!

It’s a fact that sugar and highly processed foods have addictive properties! So much so, that many people find that once they start eating these foods, they literally can’t stop. And, of course, if you’re making such poor food choices, this in turn will make it almost impossible for you to lose weight. So, our advice is to choose healthy, unprocessed foods and limit the amount of sugar you consume. As a result, you will have far more control over how much you eat and also how much weight you can lose.

top weight loss tips

Tip No. 3 – Use a Smaller Plate!

You’ve probably heard this many times before, but it’s a fact that people who use larger plates tend to eat more food than those who eat from smaller plates. Remember the famous Delboeuf optical illusion, because a small portion of food looks more generous when served on a smaller size plate. If you stick to our mantra, “always go for quality over quantity”, then you will definitely lose weight much more easily.

Delboeuf Optical Illusion

A Permanent Solution to Weight Loss

Are you tired of trying an endless list of diets that just don’t work? Are you becoming weary of your efforts, always resulting in you regaining all the lost weight? Has your approach to dieting made you fear social events?

Are you looking for a Medically Endorsed solution; one based on thousands of hours of experience? Do you dream of finding a ‘Permanent Weight Loss’ treatment? Have you searched on Google in the hope of finding a proven programme? Maybe something that doesn’t involve undertaking a restrictive diet, doing lots of exercise, or having invasive surgery… And no need to buy any “Meal Replacement” products!

How to lose weight in 2022. My Weigh Less

My Weigh Less Downloadable Course

Read on the pages of this website how Oxford Therapeutics Limited – ‘My Weigh Less’ is successfully delivering what is Utopia to Dieters. A Medically Endorsed, proven weight loss approach. A programme based on over 15,000 1:1 clinical treatment hours.

You can download a free MP3 introduction right now. No email or credit card details required, just ten minutes of your time. Find out how My Weigh Less can help you reach your weight loss goals and discover long term weight management!

How to lose weight in 2022. My Weigh Less

My Weigh Less Delivers

Downloadable Weight-Loss Treatment

My  Weigh Less - Martin and Marion Shirran

Martin and Marion Shirran, the developers and joint Clinical Directors appeared on both the Good Morning America and the This Morning Breakfast Show. Kay Lindley, photo below, lost over 105 pounds, and reversed her type 2 diabetes, following her treatment with Martin and Marion Shirran. How to Lose Weight in 2022.

I reversed my type 2 diabetes. How to lose weight in 2022

How To Lose Weight in 2022 in a Healthy Way

So, how do we start to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way? There are so many approaches to weight loss. If you type “diet”, or “weight loss”, into Google, for example, you will have over a million references, in a heartbeat. We would be naive to say that the My Weigh Less course guarantees 100% success. We will not insult your intelligence! Sarah Hart, below, lost 140 pounds following her treatment. Follow this link to listen to a complimentary audio introduction of the course.

my weigh less

No Diets, Just Psychology.

How To Lose Weight in 2022

The My Weigh Less treatment is psychology-focused, built around the experience of treating over a thousand clients, and amassing in excess of 15,000 hours of 1:1 clinical treatment time. The fully downloadable treatment has been the subject of extensive real person trials. But, as with your considerations regarding any weight loss approach, do take a look at the verified case studies, and their before and after photos on the My Weigh Less Site. If you require additional comfort, which is fair enough, visit the Medical Endorsement page.

My weigh Less

The Gold Standard in Non-Surgical Weight Loss

The My weigh Less treatment package consists of twelve one hour weight loss sessions, with Martin and Marion Shirran. Between them they have accumulated ten thousand hours of treatment time in the weight loss arena. In addition to the twelve sessions, clients receive a number of videos, animated presentations, visual aids and hypnosis sessions.

Martin Shirran below was one of the first trial candidates.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

How To Lose Weight in 2022

The My Weigh Less Course is new and refreshing, incorporating the latest, science-based, behavioural change techniques. Completely based on an approach that has changed the lives of over a thousand people. You too can experience the benefits, the changes in your life, and your thinking around food: maybe today… Martin, above, went on to lose 84 pounds.

How to Lose Weight in 2022 - My Weigh Less

Permanent Weight Loss is the Goal

How To Lose Weight in 2022

If you want to lose weight permanently, and have looked into different diets, and possibly even surgery, then take a step back, before you decide which approach to adopt. You don’t need to spend any money right now. Just take ten minutes to read the pages of the My Weigh Less website. After all, you have nothing to lose. There’s additional information on Martin and Marion’s Gastric Mind Band website.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

Registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Marion Shirran, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. In addition Marion is registered with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. She looks forward to being able to share her vast experience, gained from over 15,000 1:1 clinical hours working with overweight individuals for the benefit of a wider audience.

The Downloadable Weight-Loss Solution.

My Weigh Less - how to lose weight in 2022

Martin and Marion Shirran are Directors of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, which owns the Intellectual Property rights of My Weigh Less product. How to Lose Weight in 2022.

How to Lose Weight in 2022

You can download the complete course, and start your weight-loss journey today.

My Weigh Less
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