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Best Weight Loss Management Plan

Best Weight-Loss Management Plan

Medically Endorsed

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Best Weight Loss Management Plan. Weight Loss, dieting is a multi-billion dollar industry. As an industry it’s unique, because it continues growing whilst continually delivering an incredible failure rate of over 95 percent. The majority of those starting out will end up weighing more than when they started, it is depressing. On this page we will share with you a number of proven tactics you can use to move the chance of success in your favour. Without doubt, having a serious plan is essential, and this page will help you….

The Shirrans’ Masterclass

Martin and Marion Shirran are directors of Oxford Therapeutics Limited. They wrote the two bestselling books about Non-Surgical Weight Loss, both published globally. Professor Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford University, wrote the foreword for their book. Professor Windy Dryden, of Goldsmiths University in London, has also endorsed their work. In 2022 they were awarded the coveted ‘Most Innovative Obesity Psychological Therapy Award’ in the UK Mental Health Awards 2022.

The Best Weight Loss Management Plan for Effective Permanent Weight Loss. And let’s be truthful, if the weight loss is not permanent, then what is the point? Sarah Hart, featured below, lost an incredible 140 lbs following her treatment with Martin and Marion. She was featured globally on the TV and in the press. She lost the weight over ten years ago, and has not regained a single pound. You can read a number of verified case studies on this site and review the Medical Endorsement Page. You can also read more details about Sarah in the Success Stories Section.

 My Weigh Less. Martin and Marion Shirran

Maybe Weight Loss Management Plan is just another name for a Diet Plan. However, if a person is overweight, then having a plan is a very good idea. I am sure you have heard the often-quoted statement: “If You Fail to Plan, then You Plan to Fail”. It’s probably very true, especially in the weight loss arena. For many people, any weight loss attempt will involve a financial investment at some level. So, doing a little research, and adopting a proven plan is a good idea. You may find it helpful to visit the Weight Loss Experts Page.

best weight loss management program

Diet or Exercise Focused

All weight-loss management plans should take into account your starting weight, your lifestyle, your level of fitness and your target weight. Once you have all the necessary information, then you can formulate a plan that has a reasonable chance of success. One of the first decisions to make is just what dieting approach you are going to adopt. As you probably know, the range is enormous. Will it be diet-focused, or built around exercise, for example?

My Weigh Less weight loss management plan

The Range is Enormous

The diet market grows on literally a daily basis, and it is valued in the billions. The choice around which type to go for can be daunting. Firstly, there’s the two opposites; low fat, or low carb. Or you could choose Diet Bars, or Diet Drinks. Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, or any of the other 100 plus options. Just thinking through the many options is tiring…. You will have many considerations to make, and you need to think of the impact on you, and your family’s life. And that is an important and often overlooked element around dieting. The weight-loss method you select must be sustainable. So, you must be able to live with it, for it to have even a chance of working.

Weight Loss Management Plan. My Weigh Less. Martin and Marion Shirran

Best Weight-Loss Management Plan

Check For Clinical Evidence

Researching, then adopting a plan, a sensible weight loss approach will ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve the permanent results you desire. It is quoted that a staggering 95%, of people starting a weight-loss regime fail, for one reason or another. So, doing a little research on the different methods, until you find one that you can work with, is a good start. Downloadable Apps for your phone are becoming popular. I’m not sure if there is any clinical evidence as yet, to support their effectiveness. But there are many of them on the market, and the range expands on an almost daily basis.

My Weigh Less Fat Loss Specialist Medical Endorsement

What questions should you ask?

Firstly, if you are looking at an online weight-loss programme, ask, is it based on any research? Does the programme have a real, proven track record? Are the team who developed the programme experienced in weight loss? What trials have taken place? Can you read verified case studies? If your doctor was going to start a diet, would they choose the one you are considering? You are going to be investing hard-earned cash into this, along with a lot of effort, so you need to be sure.

Weight loss Specialist My Weigh Less

Seek Out A Specialist to Guide You

Maybe you think this is taking the issue too far… I can understand why you may think that way. But research shows that the average person spends over £25,000 on dieting, or weight loss, in their lifetime. Also, as I just mentioned, over 95% fail, in fact it is stated that dieters generally end up weighing more than when they started. So, do the research. Why not seek out a weight-loss expert, or specialist? It may sound unusual, but this is an important step. Your health is on the line: you are aware of the possible health consequences of being overweight. Martin and Marion Shirran are Specialists in the Weight Loss Arena.

Weight Loss for life. My Weigh Less. Martin and Marion Shirran

Over One Thousand Clients Treated

Marion and I earned the description of being Weight Loss Specialists, after treating over a thousand clients at our clinic. Over the course of 15 years, we accumulated over 15,000 1:1 clinical treatment hours. We wrote the three bestselling books on the subject, published globally by Hay House, the largest Mind Body publisher in the world. And we were interviewed on TV on both sides of the Atlantic and also featured in hundreds of magazines and Newspapers. Lauren above lost over 80 pounds following her treatment. Sarah Hart, below, lost 140 pounds. Read her story on the website.

Weight Loss Management Plan. My Weigh Less. Martin and Marion Shirran

Best Weight Loss Management Plan

Clients Aged from 14 to 86

The My Weigh Less Treatment plan is based on 15 years of research. It is backed by clinical trials and medical endorsements. The site provides a number of verified case studies, along with their before and after photos. My Weigh Less is downloadable, and suitable for people of all age groups. Our youngest client was just fourteen years old, our oldest was eighty six. Some came to see us because they wanted to lose a few pounds to fit into their wedding dress, others wanted to lose a lot more. Read 30 Days To A flat Stomach Here

best weight loss plan

A Fully Downloadable Weight Loss Treatment

In 2022, the weight loss treatment that is fully downloadable and built around a version of Martin and Marion Shirran’s globally acclaimed Gastric Mind Band Permanent Weight Loss Treatment ‘My Weigh Less’ was launched. So, for the first time, the unique, phenomenally successful approach to permanent weight loss, is now instantly available to download to your phone, tablet, or computer. And, of course, this allows you to complete the course in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Read our New Page – My Online Weight Loss Consultant Here.

Weight Loss Management Plan. My Weigh Less. Martin and Marion Shirran

Does Our Weight Loss Management Plan Work?

It is the most important question of all. On the website read the Does It work? page, which you will find both interesting and informative . Additionally, read the dedicated Medical and Health Endorsements page, which includes an endorsement of the effectiveness of the treatment by an NHS Consultant Surgeon. It also includes opinions and observations of other medical professionals.You will also find a link to the Clinical Evidence page Also on the site, you can read a full breakdown of just what the treatment includes. Read more about Martin and Marion

Read our new page – Top Gun and Weight Loss Consultants Here

Best Weight Loss Management Plan

my weigh less

Permanent Weight Loss
– No Diet or Exercise Required –
– Medically Endorsed –
– 15,000 1:1 Clinical Hours Experience –
– Award Winning Program –
– Featured in Global Media –

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need A Weight Loss Management Plan?

In our opinion no. A respectable and professional weight loss treatment package should contain all the components you need to achieve the results you desire. My Weigh Less provides an optimised package, designed to deliver positive results.

How Fast Can I Lose Weight?

After treating over a thousand clients at the clinic, it is still the number one question we hear, how fast can this be all over they say. Well to be honest there is no straight answer that fits everybody. It depends on so many things, your commitment, your starting weight, it goes on. However we would expect with My Weigh Less to see an average weight loss of around 1-2 pounds per week. The weight loss in the first few weeks may be considerably more, but will settle down over time to between one to two pounds per week on average.

I live in the USA. Can I do this Plan?

The My Weigh Less plan can be undertaken by anyone, anywhere in the world. There are only two requirements. Firstly that the individual has a sound grasp of the English Language. Secondly that they have access to a suitable device, a smart phone, tablet or a desk top computer.

Top Weight Loss Tips

Tip No. 1 – Only Eat When You’re Hungry!

This has to be our number one, golden rule, when it comes to achieving successful weight loss. In our experience, most overweight people eat for many different reasons, other than physical hunger. But, if you allow your emotions to control your eating habits, then it is unlikely that you will be able to control your weight as a result. So, before you reach for anything to eat, stop and ask yourself first if you physically NEED to eat, or you just WANT to…

Tip No. 2 – Use a Smaller Plate!

You’ve probably heard this many time before, but it’s a fact that people who use larger plates tend to eat more food than those who eat from smaller plates. No doubt you know about the power of optical illusions. But are you aware of just how much more generous the same size portion of food appears, when presented on a smaller plate, instead of a larger one? Have a look at the image below. It’s known as the Delboeuf optical illusion. If you stick to our mantra, “always go for quality over quantity”, then you will definitely lose weight much more easily.

Delboeuf Optical Illusion

Tip No. 3 – Drink a Glass or Two of Water Before Your Meal!

Reduce Your Calorie Intake by over 20%, with almost with no effort! Research results, published by Harvard Medical showed that people who drank two large glasses of water just before eating consumed, on average, around 20% less food than previously. This is possibly as a result of the stretching and fullness sensation in the stomach.

weight loss tips

Tip No. 4 – Eat Slowly and Mindfully!

A growing number of studies have consistently found a correlation between speed of eating and weight, so it is officially accepted now that faster eaters are definitely more likely to become overweight. Studies have also shown that people are much more likely to eat more when their eating is mindless, as opposed to mindful. So, make meal times an occasion by sitting down at a table, with no distractions. Then eat slowly and savour every mouthful. You will naturally eat less food and also find it easier to lose weight as a result! We have a dedicated blog post all about our technique Pause Button Therapy for weight loss that you may find of interest.

top weight loss tips

Tip No. 5 – Stay Away From Sugar and Highly Processed Foods!

It’s a fact that sugar and highly processed foods have addictive properties! So much so, that many people find that once they start eating these foods, they literally can’t stop. And, of course, if you’re making such poor food choices, this in turn will make it almost impossible for you to lose weight. So, our advice is to choose healthy, unprocessed foods and limit the amount of sugar you consume. As a result, you will have far more control over how much you eat and also how much weight you can lose. Take a look at How to Start and End a Diet. Interesting…

top weight loss tips

Tip No. 6 – Eat Your Favourite Foods on the Plate First!

You may not be aware of how important this tip is, but the order in which you eat your food can actually have a big impact on how much you consume! It’s quite common for overweight people to “save the best til last” when eating. In other words they only eat their favourite food right at the end. It’s not so surprising then, that they also tend to eat everything on their plate, regardless of how uncomfortably full they feel. Because, of course, they don’t want to miss out on the “best bit”!

top weight loss tips

However, our advice is to eat your favourite things first. Not only will you enjoy it more, but it’s also much easier to stop when you’ve eaten just the right amount and leave the rest on the plate. For more weight loss tips have a look at our

“Seven Secrets to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss”

We look forward to working with you.

Martin and Marion Shirran.

Weight Loss Experts My Weigh Less

Read the Medical Endorsement Page Today

There’s a full breakdown of all the components included in the treatment package on the Course Details page. You can read a full explanation of the treatment on the Does This Work? page. We look forward to working with you. Additionally, there are reviews from medical and other professionals on the Medical Endorsement page.

Martin and Marion appeared on This Morning TV show with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

My Weigh Less

Registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Marion Shirran, as a director of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Marion is pleased to be involved in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity.

My weigh Less

Winners of the 2022 Mental Health Award – ‘Most Innovative Obesity Psychological Therapy’

Mental Health Awards 2022 "Most Innovative Obesity Psychological Therapy Service"

Martin and Marion travelled to New York to Appear on the Good Morning America TV Show

My Weigh Less

Martin and Marion are co-authors of two, bestselling books, published by Hay House

Martin and Marion Shirran
weight loss course

Although the weight loss results and success stories shown on the site are typical, individual results will vary, and are not guaranteed. Weight loss success depends on each individual’s level of motivation, commitment, food intake and metabolism. Read our full disclaimer in the Terms & Conditions. Check out our post about Brain Food Addiction.

Best Weight Loss Management Plan

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