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How to Reverse Covid Weight Gain

Covid and Weight Gain

How to Reverse Covid Weight Gain

How to combat Coronavirus weight gain. Obesity was already rising at an alarming rate in the Western world. And then, in February 2020, Covid-19 was added into the mix. So, what was the result? Well, it was literally a case of two pandemics colliding, which unfortunately created a “perfect storm” scenario. It’s like a twisted “symbiotic relationship”. Overweight people are more at risk of dying from Covid, and in return Covid has increased the risk of gaining weight!

How to Reverse Covid Weight Gain

It’s well-known that obesity is one of the leading causes of death, and long-term health conditions. And, in the UK, the NHS spends more than £6 billion per year on obesity-related illness, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. However, Coronavirus brought a scary reality for people struggling with obesity. Not only are they more at risk of catching the virus, but are more likely to suffer from severe illness, hospitalisation, or even death as a result.

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The Negative Impact of Covid

The Covid pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the economy of many countries, with the loss of jobs across multiple sectors. And the hope of finding a new job for some people, especially those who are obese, can be difficult. Having no income causes problems affording healthy food, which then has a negative impact on people’s health and weight. How to combat Coronavirus weight.

How to reverse Covid weight gain

The pandemic created unwanted change in our environments, emotions, and mindsets, which in turn results in the perfect situation for non-essential eating. Whether it’s from jumping on the baking bandwagon to snacking through the latest Netflix box set binge. Food is often used as a comfort, and in such uncertain times, rife with stress and boredom, it’s used more than ever.

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It’s unlikely that any of us have managed to endure the pandemic so far, without having moments of feeling low, down, lost, sad, lazy, or depressed. This is due to missing normal everyday life, and adjusting to changes in the workplace, school, home, and social life. This in turn can lead to poor food choices and lethargy, which results in reduced movement, as well as inevitable weight gain. How to reverse Covid weight gain.

How to reverse Covid weight gain

Weight Gain during Lockdown

At the peak of the Covid pandemic, the world was in complete lockdown. So, most people were confined to their homes. Consequently, we were only allowed to go out for essential travel, to collect groceries, or medication, or for one short daily walk. This severely restricting lifestyle can be extremely challenging for anyone. However, for those who are overweight, it’s possibly even more difficult. Limiting the time that a person might usually be going to work, commuting, walking around the shops, or socialising, can unfortunately, lead to further weight gain.

Covid Weight Gain

Covid Effect on Mental Health

There’s no doubt that the Covid pandemic has had a negative impact on some people’s mental wellbeing. Physical distancing, loneliness, and uncertainty in what the future holds has left people feeling anxious, stressed and depressed. All of this can have a negative impact on food-related behaviours. For example it can lead to food hoarding, comfort eating, impulse eating. Read on to find out how to reverse Covid weight gain…

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The Impact of Covid on Children

Thanks to Covid, schools were closed for months, and many parents worked from home. As a result, lots of children, who already struggled with their weight, spent all their time on devices, gaming, or watching TV. So, for prolonged periods of time, children only engaged in sedentary activities. Just like adults, children are more likely to snack from boredom during these times. It’s also far too easy to overindulge in unhealthy, processed, calorie-dense foods and treats. And, of course, typical go-to snack foods usually don’t need any preparation. Learn how to combat Coronavirus weight gain.

How to reverse Covid weight gain

Food Shortages During Lockdown

At the peak of the pandemic, fresh produce was often in short supply, and long queues made shopping for food very stressful. As a result, people tended to stock up on less healthy, non-perishable, or long-life items, to extend the time between trips to the supermarket. And, in contrast, many of us would only buy small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, because these foods only last a few days.

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FAQ 1 What’s the best way to lose my Coronavirus weight?

ANSWER: The first step to successful, long-term weight loss is to find your motivation. As long as you’re motivated enough, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight, then focus on all the positive benefits.

People generally achieve better results when they are working towards a positive goal, rather than running away from a negative trigger. As soon as your mindset is in the right place, then the My Weigh Less course is a perfect weight loss solution.

FAQ 2 How quickly can I lose my Covid weight?

ANSWER: As soon as you remove all the highly-processed, low-quality, convenience foods from your life, and focus on healthier, more nutritious options, then your weight loss will happen straight away.

Reverse Covid weight gain

You should expect to lose weight quite quickly in the first few weeks. Then it will slow down to around 1-2 pounds per week.

FAQ 3 How much weight did people gain during the pandemic?

ANSWER: Researchers looked at changes in weight data from 15 million patients, over the course of the pandemic. And, according to Harvard Health website, the results showed that 39% had gained weight.

According to the BBC News, more than 40% of adults in the UK gained weight. The average amount gained was around 7 pounds.

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Martin and Marion Shirran, the developers and joint Clinical Directors appeared on both the Good Morning America and the This Morning Breakfast Show. Kay Lindley, photo below, lost over 105 pounds, and reversed her type 2 diabetes, following her treatment with Martin and Marion Shirran.

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How to Combat Covid Weight Gain

So, how do we start to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way? There are so many approaches to weight loss. If you type “diet”, or “weight loss”, into Google, for example, you will have over a million references, in a heartbeat. We would be naive to say that the My Weigh Less course guarantees 100% success. We will not insult your intelligence! Sarah Hart, below, lost 140 pounds following her treatment. Follow this link to hear a complimentary audio introduction of the course.

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No Diets, Just Psychology

The My Weigh Less treatment is psychology-focused, built around the experience of treating over a thousand clients, and amassing in excess of 15,000 hours of 1:1 clinical treatment time. The fully downloadable treatment has been the subject of extensive real person trials. But, as with your considerations regarding any weight loss approach, do take a look at the verified case studies, and their before and after photos on the My Weigh Less Site. It’s a perfect way to reverse Covid weight gain! If you require additional comfort, which is fair enough, visit the Medical Endorsement page.

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The Gold Standard in Non-Surgical Weight Loss

The My Weigh Less treatment package consists of twelve one hour weight loss sessions, with Martin and Marion Shirran. Between them they have accumulated ten thousand hours of treatment time in the weight loss arena. In addition to the twelve sessions, clients receive a number of videos, animated presentations, visual aids and hypnosis sessions.

Martin Shirran below was one of first trial candidates.

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The My Weigh Less Course is new and refreshing, incorporating the latest, science-based, behavioural change techniques. Completely based on an approach that has changed the lives of over a thousand people. You too can experience the benefits, the changes in your life, and your thinking around food: maybe today… Martin, above, went on to lose 84 pounds.

Psychologies Magazine featured their work.

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Permanent Weight Loss is the Goal

If you want to combat Coronavirus weight gain and achieve permanent weight loss, and have looked into different diets, and possibly even surgery, then take a step back, before you decide which approach to adopt. You don’t need to spend any money right now. Just take ten minutes to read the pages of the My Weigh Less website. After all, you have nothing to lose. Martin and Marion Shirran’s GMB site contains additional information.

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Registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Marion Shirran, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. In addition Marion is registered with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. She looks forward to being able to share her vast experience, gained from over 15,000 1:1 clinical hours working with overweight individuals for the benefit of a wider audience.

The Downloadable Weight Loss Solution.

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Martin and Marion Shirran are Directors of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, which owns the Intellectual Property rights of My Weigh Less product.

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You can download the first session, or the complete course, and start your weight loss journey today, from just £39.00.

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