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Do I Need To Lose Weight Before Hip Replacement Surgery?

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Why You Should Lose Weight Ahead of Surgery.

Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery? You can’t underestimate the importance of losing weight before knee or hip surgery. Carrying excess weight places additional pressure on the joints. Additionally it has a negative effect on post operative care. It increases both recovery time, and risk of infection. Some surgeons impose a weight limit for hip replacement patients.

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Reduce the pressure on your joints

Before your hip or knee surgery you can help the process by losing excess weight. Your surgeon may have already mentioned this. If you lose weight before hip surgery, your joints will be under much less strain. As a result, your knee or your hip will not need to work so hard. Also you will have a better chance to heal and regain full mobility.

Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery My Weigh Less

Reducing your weight can help prevent complications during surgery

Being overweight can lead to complications in surgery. Many surgeons will not operate on a patient if their weight is too high. A successful operation depends on the level of anaesthetic drugs. The amount of anaesthesia a person needs is calculated using their weight. Unfortunately, the more you weigh, the more complicated the calculations.  A higher level of body fat can make it harder to find a vein too.

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Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery?

Takes the pressure off your heart

Being overweight means you are at risk of cardiac problems. Surgery puts a lot of pressure on the body, and the cardiovascular system. So, if you are overweight, you are at a much higher risk of developing cardiac issues, during, and after surgery. These include heart attacks, strokes, angina, blood clots and high blood pressure. Consequently, losing weight before an operation could save your life.

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Post Surgery Benefits of Losing Weight

The risks do not end when your operation is over. We are all worried about infections, especially as we learn more about antibiotic resistance. If overweight, you have an increased risk of infection. This could delay your recovery, and even see you admitted back into hospital. Start your hip or knee surgery weight loss journey now, to give yourself the best chance of keeping infection at bay. You may find the blog post How to Decrease Your BMI of interest

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The Top Four questions people ask us

How fast can I lose the Weight?

The rate at which someone loses weight ahead of hip or knee surgery varies considerably. It is based on many factors. For instance, how heavy the person is at the outset, and also how mobile they are. In the first few weeks the weight loss is often dramatic. After that you can expect to lose around two pounds per week.

Why Do I have to Lose Weight Ahead of Surgery?

Some surgeons insist that their patients lose weight ahead of surgery. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the greater risks associated with an overweight person having a general anaesthetic. Also, obesity increases the potential risk of infections. And of course it creates a longer recovery time. You can read a page around Gastric Band Surgery Here.

Will the Weight Loss be Permanent?

In answer to the question if the weight loss achieved will be permanent, it depends on your commitment. Your replacement hip or knee will of course last considerably longer. Your general mobility will improve, along with all aspects of your health and well-being.

Is Surgery Possible without Weight Loss?

Is There a Weight Limit For Hip Replacement Surgery?

Of course surgery is possible without losing excess weight. But why would you allow that situation to happen? You have read about all of the issues. If you have surgery whilst obese, there are very real risks. Your surgeon has explained how much faster and less painful your recovery will be. Choosing a proven weight loss treatment may be just as life-changing as the surgery.

My Weigh Less Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery. Martin Shirran, first trial person

Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery?

Whilst it is vital to reduce your weight ahead of surgery, monitoring your post-surgery weight is also important. Being overweight after surgery, as well as increasing your recovery time, will also reduce the ‘life’ of your new Knee or Hip. Martin Shirran above lost over 80 pounds following the GMB treatment.

My Weigh Less Do I Need To Lose Weight before Hip Replacement Surgery

We can help you, like a thousand others.

You can lose your excess weight ahead of surgery, and maintain the loss permanently. Martin and Marion Shirran’s non-surgical, permanent weight loss treatment has been featured in media around the world. The new Treatment is provided exclusively by Oxford Therapeutics Limited. Read the Medical Endorsement of a NHS surgeon and many others here.

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Pre and Post Surgery Weight Loss

At their clinic they specialise in pre and post orthopedic surgery weight reduction. Their experience ensures they are in a perfect position to help you achieve your weight loss goals. And you can maintain the results! You can experienced their psychology-focused method: start your journey today. Obesity Hip Replacement Weight Loss Treatment.

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The My Weigh Less downloadable treatment provides a solution chosen option by many clients wishing to lose weight ahead of surgery. Featured in the Times Newspaper the treatment is psychology-focused. You can also complete it on any device at any time. Visit the main pages of the dedicated web site for more information.

Does The My Weigh Less Course Work

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