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Motivation The Secret of Weight Loss

How Can I Motivate Myself To Lose Weight

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

Motivation and Weight Loss

So, How Can I Motivate Myself To Lose Weight? The greatest enemy for those trying to lose weight is to experience a lack of motivation. It’s the thing that always vaporises when you need it most. Motivation is the thing that’s there 99% of the time, and then suddenly, just when you need it, without warning it disappears, just like it never existed at all. In this Blog/Post we will share with you the importance around the role of motivation, and how to retain it in order to achieve the secret of successful weight loss.

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

What is Motivation?

So just what is Motivation? It’s the driving force behind accomplishing almost every task. It’s the reason people choose to do something, or not. Motivation can be external (a person sees something they want and has the motivation to go get it) or internal (someone wants to accomplish a task they’ve set for themselves and they let nothing get in their way). Regardless of what type of motivation, it needs to be present in order to make progress.

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

To ensure your level of Motivation is kept at the optimum level it helps to set yourself a few realistic, achievable goals, with a reward built in. Keep it real. I remember a client who wanted to lose 54 pounds, and she booked a short holiday with her friends in Ibiza, for later in the year, as her reward. She kept the booking confirmation and a bikini photo stuck to the fridge.

weight loss motivation

I am not going to be the ‘Fat’ girl on the Beach

She told me she focused her thoughts every night, remembering the last holiday she took with her friends. She remembered being slim and feeling so confident. Her friends were often commenting about all the attention she received from boys on the beach. She wanted that feeling back so much, that opening the fridge door to binge on one food item, or another, was just not an option. She Was Motivated…

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

Is it a Hormone?

There are two distinct schools of thought about Motivation. Some describe it like willpower as a “Depreciating Asset”. They believe that it is like a hormone, replenished in the brain only through sleep. So, you wake up in the morning and you have a strong level of motivation to do anything. Then, as the day progresses it depreciates. This would fit in with the fact that people trying to stop smoking or take drugs always cave in around 8.00pm, never 8am. Most people on a diet will report caving in during the evening, never first thing in the morning.

motivation to lose weight

Is it a Muscle?

The second school of thought around motivation is that, once again, like willpower, it is like a muscle. The idea is that the more the ‘Motivation Muscle’ is flexed and used, the stronger it becomes. This also fits in with conversations with people trying to overcome an issue, the more they try the further they seem to get. The more they do it, the easier it is.

Motivation and Weight Loss

Motivation The Secret of Successful Weight Loss

Motivation is the driving force for change. If you don’t have enough of it, you will find it very hard, maybe even impossible, to lose weight. A lack of motivation is often the difference between success and failure. You may find that your food cravings are too strong, or that you’re not really sure of what you want to achieve. Finding the right motivation will help you get started and keep going until you reach your goal.

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

The Role of Motivation

As we have said, motivation is a key factor in weight loss. You need a plentiful supply. The unexpected phone call from friends, inviting you out for a pizza and bottle of wine, will always come at the worst moment possible, that’s guaranteed. It’s when you’re tired, cold, or feeling a little down, that you need motivation to pull you through. The temptation to eat, or maybe open a bottle of wine, will be relentless when you are on a diet.

Motivation and Weight Loss

How to use Motivation as a weapon against bad habits

The intensity and the frequency of motivation varies from person to person, but it can be elevated through specific techniques, such as committing to keeping a ‘Food Diary’. This helps people to see what they are eating, and how often they’re eating, without paying attention, and so makes them more aware of what they’re putting in their mouths. In addition, recording what you eat leads to better decision-making when choosing meals, because you’ll have a visual reminder of past failures or successes.

Use Motivation to Overcome Emotional Eating.

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

When weight-loss clients visit us, one of the first sets of Forensic Weight Loss Questions we ask include; ‘Do you ever eat when you are stressed, tired, bored, sad, lonely, depressed, or maybe just to please somebody else? This of course is emotional eating. Motivation is very important in overcoming and changing these traits. Read our page on Fasting for a little more assistance.

Use Motivation to Overcome Your Bad Habits

The best way to overcome bad habits is be highly motivated. What this means is that you should find reasons, reasons you want to change, real reasons that are important to you. You can then use these reasons to keep you going to literally pull you through your day. Read our page around Saying No To Diet Bars or Shakes

A true story

In one of the sessions in the My Weigh Less course, we tell the true story of a young girl who had been trying to lose weight for over 5 years, and failed miserably each time, her doctor and parents were worried about the effect on her future health. She needed to lose around 70 pounds. Her parents had paid for her to go to a boot Camp, and also to visit a private doctor in London. She had tried just about every diet available. Nothing worked.

She had tried everything

She had a talent, a truly amazing voice. Sadly she would only sing at home as she was embarrassed about anyone seeing her enormous body, but singing was her passion in life. Apparently her mother without her daughter knowing completed an application form for her to attend an audition for a top UK TV talent show.

celebrity weight loss

The rest is history really, she was invited to attend a live TV audition five months later. She arrived at the London studio 44 pounds lighter, before the next round of auditions she had reached her target weight…What happened….Motivation I guess

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

Book a beach Holiday – Why not

You can’t change your habits overnight, but you have the power within yourself to find the reasons that are important and powerful enough to implement real change. Search deep in your mind. Take as much time as you need to understand just what makes life worth living in your world, then fight through those cravings!

A great strategy that has proven to help is being motivated by something or someone other than yourself— sometimes we need an extra push from our loved ones (or even pets) if they will listen.

Strategies for Building Motivation

FAQ 1. What will Success look and Feel Like?

ANSWER: “In order to build motivation, you need to have a plan of what you expect and want to happen when you reach your goal weight. Factoid: “The real key to building motivation is to realise that the goal you are working towards is getting you much closer to something. Overcome the pain, and the payback is just around the corner…

FAQ 2. Close Your Eyes, see the future… How do you do that?

ANSWER. Find somewhere warm, safe and quiet; sit, or better still, lay down. Close your eyes, and daydream about what life will be like at your goal weight. Really see yourself, the new clothes, the fresh hairstyle and jewellery. Feel the elevated level of confidence and energy. Now, bottle that feeling up. Then use it to expand the level of motivation, when the call for the pizza arrives. You can go to Ibiza looking like a million dollars, or, of course, you can have a slice or two of pizza, but sadly, you cannot have both. There is a little secret that psychologists have been using for years. It’s the ‘Weight Loss Miracle’.

Building Motivation
FAQ 3. Choose your Battles

ANSWER. Well, at least choose the time of the battle. You will always be in your strongest position at the start of the day. In contrast, by 4.00pm your levels of motivation and willpower will start to reduce, and you will become vulnerable. Just by being aware of this, it can make all the difference. You can read an interesting post here. Why Diets Fail.

Below is a selection of weight-loss tips that everyone can start using straight away. And, if you enroll in the My Weigh Less Course, you will learn many more of our helpful tips and techniques about how to achieve successful, permanent weight loss.

Tip No. 1 – Drink a Glass or Two of Water Before Your Meal!

Reduce Your Calorie Intake by over 20%, with almost with no effort! Research results, published by Harvard Medical showed that people who drank two large glasses of water, just before eating, consumed, on average, around 20% less food than previously. This is possibly as a result of the stretching and fullness sensation in the stomach.

top weight loss tips

Tip No. 2 – Eat Your Favourite Foods on the Plate First!

You may not be aware of how important this tip is, but the order in which you eat your food can actually have a big impact on how much you consume! It’s quite common for overweight people to “save the best til last” when eating. In other words they only eat their favourite food right at the end. It’s not so surprising then, that they also tend to eat everything on their plate, regardless of how uncomfortably full they feel. Because, of course, they don’t want to miss out on the “best bit”!

top weight loss tips

However, our advice is to eat your favourite things first. Not only will you enjoy it more, but it’s also much easier to stop when you’ve eaten just the right amount and leave the rest on the plate.

Tip No. 3 – Eat Slowly and Mindfully!

A growing number of studies have consistently found a correlation between speed of eating and weight, so it is officially accepted now that faster eaters are definitely more likely to become overweight. Studies have also shown that people are much more likely to eat more when their eating is mindless, as opposed to mindful. So, make meal times an occasion by sitting down at a table, with no distractions. Then eat slowly and savour every mouthful. You will naturally eat less food and also find it easier to lose weight as a result!

top weight loss tips

A Permanent Solution to Weight Loss

Are you tired of trying an endless list of diets that just don’t work? Are you becoming weary of your efforts, always resulting in you regaining all the lost weight? Has your approach to dieting made you fear social events?

Are you looking for a Medically Endorsed solution; one based on thousands of hours of experience? Do you dream of finding a ‘Permanent Weight Loss’ treatment? Have you searched on Google in the hope of finding a proven programme? Maybe something that doesn’t involve undertaking a restrictive diet, doing lots of exercise, or having invasive surgery… And no need to buy any “Meal Replacement” products!

My Weigh Less

My Weigh Less Downloadable Course

Read on the pages of this website how Oxford Therapeutics Limited – ‘My Weigh Less’ is successfully delivering what is Utopia to Dieters. A Medically Endorsed, proven weight loss approach. A programme based on over 15,000 1:1 clinical treatment hours.

You can download a free MP3 introduction right now. No email or credit card details required, just ten minutes of your time. Find out how My Weigh Less can help you reach your weight loss goals and discover long term weight management!

My Weigh Less

Below you can read a brief introduction to the Psychology-Focused My Weigh Less online weight loss programme. Based on over 15,000 clinical hours of treating people wishing to lose weight. Read the verified case studies, and look at the verified before and after photos.

My Weigh Less - Martin and Marion Shirran

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

Martin and Marion Shirran, the developers and joint Clinical Directors of My Weigh Less, appeared on both the Good Morning America and the This Morning Breakfast Show. Kay Lindley, photo below, lost over 105 pounds, and reversed her type 2 diabetes, following her treatment with the Shirrans.

I reversed my type 2 diabetes

Lose Weight Permanently

So go ahead, relax, and take a few minutes to daydream about what it would be like to be slim and healthy. If you were at your target weight? And then imagine if you never had to go on a diet again, or be afraid of food? What if you were able to enjoy every social event? And you also had an abundance of extra energy, and improved self-esteem.

Welcome to the evidence-based My Weigh Less Master Class. A proven, psychology focused downloadable weight loss treatment, that delivers Permanent Results. It’s also based on over 15,000 1:1 clinical hours treating overweight clients. Sarah Hart, below, lost 140 pounds following her treatment. Follow this link to hear a complimentary audio introduction of the course.

my weigh less

No Diets, Just Psychology

The My Weigh Less treatment is psychology-focused, built around the experience of treating over a thousand clients. The fully downloadable treatment has also been the subject of extensive real person trials. But, as with your considerations regarding any weight loss approach, do take a look at the verified case studies, and their before and after photos on the My Weigh Less Site. And afterwards, if you require additional comfort, visit the Medical Endorsement page.

My weigh Less Motivation

The Gold Standard in Non-Surgical Weight Loss

The downloadable My Weigh Less course consists of twelve, one-hour weight loss sessions, with the Shirrans, who have accumulated in excess of 15,000 hours of 1:1 clinical treatment time. In addition to the twelve sessions, clients receive a number of videos, animated presentations, visual aids and hypnosis sessions.

Martin Shirran below was one of first trial candidates.

motivation to lose weight

The My Weigh Less Course is new and refreshing, incorporating the latest, science-based, behavioural change techniques. It’s also completely based on an approach that has changed the lives of over a thousand people. And now, you can also experience all the benefits, the changes in your life, and your thinking around food from the comfort of your own home. Martin, above, also went on to lose 84 pounds himself.

My Weigh Less How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

Permanent Weight Loss is the Goal

If you want to lose weight permanently, and have looked into different diets, and possibly even surgery, then take a step back, before you decide which approach to adopt. You don’t need to spend any money right now, but just take ten minutes to read the pages of the My Weigh Less website. After all, you have nothing to lose. There’s further information on the Shirrans’ GMB website.

Motivation and Weight Loss
My Weigh Less

Registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Marion Shirran, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. In addition, Marion is registered with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. She also looks forward to being able to share her vast experience, and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

The Downloadable Weight-Loss Solution.

motivation and weight loss

Martin and Marion Shirran are Directors of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, which owns the Intellectual Property rights of My Weigh Less product.

lose weight

You can download the complete course, and start your weight-loss journey today.

My Weigh Less

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