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Best Diet Secrets No.1

My Weigh Less Diet Secrets

The Best Diet Secrets No-one Talks About: No.1

Diet Secrets. There are a number of well-proven, medically endorsed techniques, that can dramatically help someone to lose weight. But why are they not that well publicised? The reason is simple: it’s because there’s no money in it. It is a sad, but true statement, that the vast majority of the diet and weight loss industry is driven globally by profit. Cash is the Driver. In fact, the industry has a reported value of around a staggering $270 billion dollars, which is undoubtedly a lot of money! So, what is the real secret to losing weight?

Best Diet Secrets

It’s all about the Money!

Best Diet Secrets and the $270 Billion

The weight loss market comprises many components, including the extensive meal replacement market, bars, shakes and drinks. Hospitals provide an ever-growing assortment of weight loss surgical interventions, along with the vast number of slimming clubs. As an example, Weight Watchers alone in 2019 made a gross profit of $786 million. All of which is a lot….

0ver two billion adults overweight

The World Health Organisation states that over two billion people are now registered overweight, with 650 million of them being obese. So basically we are spending over $270 billion, and the numbers just continue to increase, it’s all going backwards. So, what are the real secrets to losing weight, which no-one talks about? We have worked with clients like Sarah Hart, below, who lost 140 pounds. But many will never share the diet secrets…

Best Diet Secrets

Diet Secrets – Let’s lose Weight

So let us share with you the first of a few of the little gems that are often kept hidden away from the dieter. Firstly let us confirm that with over 15,000 clinical hours working with overweight clients, we feel qualified to be writing this post. So, would you be surprised to know that the number one attribute of a successful dieter was simply to keep a food diary? Not go to a gym, nor follow a calorie deprivation diet, or attend weekly meetings in the local church hall.

My Weigh Less Food Diary

Diet Secrets – The Food Diary/Journal

Harvard Health reported on a study of 1,700 people trying to lose weight. As a result, it confirmed that those who kept a food diary achieved double the weight loss of those that didn’t. In fact, countless research studies at universities around the world have indicated similar results. We also asked a doctor what advice he would give to his daughter, or wife, if they wanted to lose weight. And, without prompting, he confirmed the same. Best Diet Secrets.

So what Are The Real Secrets to Losing Weight?

Best Diet Secrets

Follow The Rules

So how can just keeping a food diary have such an effect? The answer needs a little explanation, but it is scientifically proven. The rules around keeping a food diary take some getting used to. Firstly, you must write down in your diary, (we are talking a paper diary, not an online version), everything that is about to go in your mouth, ahead of you eating it, never afterwards. So, if you are sitting at a bar and your fancy a few nuts, that’s completely fine. But first get out your little diary and write down ‘six peanuts’, then eat them.

Diet Secrets

In the restaurant, eat whatever you want, but as soon as you have ordered, record it before you start to eat. If, half-way through your meal, you decide to eat half a bread roll, fine. Just place your knife and fork on the table, and list the bread roll. If you decide to have a little taste of your partner’s meal, then log it. This will take some effort but you will be surprised with the outcome. You maybe interested in our new blog Best Diet Tips For 2022, see the page here.

Best Diet Secrets

Make the List Bedtime Reading….

The only other rule is that every evening before you go to bed, or in the morning when you wake that you review yesterday’s list. If you want to take it to the next level, consider incorporating details of where you are eating. Also include with whom you are eating, and why… Just ask yourself: are you really hungry, or are you bored, sad, lonely, or just a little depressed…?

my weigh less

Diet Secrets – So Why and How Can This Work?

Psychologists know exactly why and how this works, but are continually baffled as to why more people interested in losing weight don’t use it. The main reason it works is down to a phenomenon called ‘Delayed Gratification’. It’s opposite is ‘Instant Gratification’. Many studies have shown that individuals that show a high level of Delayed Gratification in their lives are always high achievers, high earners, happy and healthy.

Using a Food Diary makes you delay….

If you are reading this thinking, no way…think again. Better still, commit to it for 30 days. Weigh yourself when you get up tomorrow morning and then start. Do it to the letter: write down everything that goes in your mouth, other than black coffee, water and herbal tea. List everything, every peanut, olive and breadcrumb. And importantly, it is vital that you list the items ahead of them going in your mouth. Your Diet Secrets.

My Weigh Less

So What Will Happen?

A number of things will happen. By stopping for a few minutes, and delaying the eating experience, you will, without knowing it start to reduce the amount of completely mindless food you eat. By questioning yourself and asking just why you are eating. For example are you bored, lonely, sad, or simply eating to fit in with someone else? It will immediately make you more aware of the triggers, and the mindless eating you are doing. Drinking Water Will Help, read our dedicated page here.

Diet Secrets

Our clients who took on the challenge of keeping a food diary reported that just the fact of having to physically get their diary out, sometimes in front of friends, or even worse in front of strangers, made them rethink if it was actually worth the effort. Some reported that when they reviewed the previous day’s list, they were horrified. Alison, photo below, lost over 50 pounds with our treatment. Read details of the programmes here

My Weigh Less

It was such an effort

Religiously keeping a food diary will prove to be an eye-opener. Diet Secrets. You will quickly identify triggers, the danger times and places, and possibly people too. You will find yourself questioning if you really are physically hungry. Finally, you may well find it such a chore that you decide not to have whatever the snack was. If you’re interested in delayed gratification you should Google the term, because you’ll find thousands of links to research studies. Please check out our FAQ section.

Keeping A Food Diary – The Rules

Rule 1. Become Aware

Become Very Aware. In the beginning you will need to make a big effort, which is not easy. It can be tiresome and tedious. But just keep reminding yourself…this actually works.

Rule 2. List Everything and more….

List Everything and more…. It is one of the most important components. In fact, it can’t work without this commitment. Everything, literally everything that goes in your mouth, MUST be recorded, regardless of how small, and, in your opinion, just how insignificant it is.

Rule 3. Add as much additional information as possible

Add as much additional information as possible. Along with the food items, do record, why, where, and with whom you are eating. It will uncover traits and triggers you were not even aware of.

Rule 4. Never Skip a Day

Never Skip a Day. If you are going to do this, if you are completely aligned to give it 100%, then do exactly that. Never skip a day, or even a meal.

Eat Chocolate for weight loss, my weigh lessured Martin and Marion Shirran

Martin and Marion Shirran, the developers and joint Clinical Directors appeared on both the Good Morning America TV Show and the This Morning Breakfast Show. Kay Lindley, photo below, lost over 105 pounds, and reversed her type 2 diabetes, following her treatment with Martin and Marion Shirran.

Diet Secrets My Weigh Less

Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

So, how do we start to lose weight in a healthy and permanent way? There are so many approaches to weight loss. If you type “diet”, or “weight loss”, into Google, for example, you will have over a million references, in a heartbeat. We would be naive to say that the My Weigh Less course guarantees 100% success. We will not insult your intelligence! Sarah Hart, below, lost 140 pounds following her treatment. Let us share many years of Diet Secrets with you. Follow this link to hear a complimentary audio introduction of the course.

Best Diet Secrets

No Diets, Just Psychology

The My Weigh Less treatment is psychology-focused, built around the experience of treating over a thousand clients, and amassing in excess of 15,000 hours of 1:1 clinical treatment time. The fully downloadable treatment has been the subject of extensive real person trials. But, as with your considerations regarding any weight loss approach, do take a look at the verified case studies, and their before and after photos on the My Weigh Less Site. If you require additional comfort, which is fair enough, visit the Medical Endorsement page.

My weigh Less

The Gold Standard in Non-Surgical Weight Loss

The My weigh Less treatment package consists of twelve, one-hour weight loss sessions, with Martin and Marion Shirran. Between them they have accumulated ten thousand hours of treatment time in the weight loss arena. In addition to the twelve sessions, clients receive a number of videos, animated presentations, visual aids and hypnosis sessions.

Martin Shirran below was one of first trial candidates.

my weigh less Diet Secrets

The My Weigh Less Course is new and refreshing, incorporating the latest, science-based, behavioural change techniques. Completely based on an approach that has changed the lives of over a thousand people. You too can experience the benefits, the changes in your life, and your thinking around food: maybe today… Martin, above, went on to lose 84 pounds.

Psychologies Magazine featured their work.

My Weigh Less - Diet Secrets

Permanent Weight Loss is the Goal

If you want to lose weight Permanently, and have looked into different diets, and possibly even surgery, then take a step back, before you decide which approach to adopt. You don’t need to spend any money right now. Just take ten minutes to read the pages of the My Weigh Less website. After all, you have nothing to lose. Martin and Marion Shirran’s GMB site contains additional information.

Diet Secrets My Weigh Less

Registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

Marion Shirran, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. In addition Marion is registered with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. She looks forward to being able to share her vast experience, gained from over 15,000 1:1 clinical hours working with overweight individuals for the benefit of a wider audience.

The Downloadable Weight Loss Solution.

Diet Secrets My Weigh Less

Martin and Marion Shirran are Directors of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, which owns the Intellectual Property rights of My Weigh Less product.

Can I eat Chocolate and lose weight

You can download the first session, or the complete course, and start your weight loss journey today, from just £39.00.

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