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I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes

Kay’s Weight-Loss Story

I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes

Read Kay’s Weight-Loss Story: “How I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes.”

How I reversed my type 2 diabetes

I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes. Kay Lindley: Big Baby, Big Bones, Big Excuses! And finally, A Big Weight Loss; a permanent 105 lb weight loss in fact. Kay lost more than 100 pounds and reversed her type 2 diabetes after completing her treatment with Martin and Marion Shirran. Kay tells her story here: How I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes.

metfromin can cause weight loss

Let’s get this straight from the beginning. I was a big baby, right? I was over 10½ lbs, and ask any mother – that’s big. That was 60 years ago, but it’s my excuse, and I am sticking to it. I have plenty of other excuses, too, so if you don’t like that one, how about all my mother’s family have the same big bone structure and are all pear-shaped? It’s in the genes. Or, my mother taught home economics and had to have three versions of every dish – a complete one, one part way through to finish in class, and one started from scratch in class and finished later. Someone had to eat all those lessons!

I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes

Most of her classes were about cakes and decorations – coffee cream, chocolate icing, jam fillings – need I say more? And it was just after the war, and with children starving around the world, it was thought to be almost criminal to leave food uneaten on your plate – how dare you disrespect the poor starving children in this way? Candy rationing ended when I was little, and so this opened up a whole new world in terms of treats.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

I did try to diet–very many times over the years. Sometimes, I succeeded in losing a few pounds. And I celebrated – yes with food and treats and ended up fatter than before I started on the diet.

I was always amazed at how many illnesses and complaints could be attributed to being fat. I am in a high-risk category for breast cancer because of my family history. And guess what? Fat people are at greater risk because early lumps are not easily detected amongst the excess fat, so I felt that I am more likely to die because of this than a thin person.

I have been married twice and divorced twice. I guess I married the first person who showed any interest because otherwise, I was just another fat cast-off. Interestingly, each divorce happened after a successful weight loss, when I had the confidence to realise that there were more opportunities out there. I suppose that, in one way, I ought to be grateful for being fat. People assume that fat people are lazy and stupid. In an attempt to prove them wrong, I am a workaholic who has succeeded way beyond anyone’s expectations of me. I feel I have to be better than everyone else to appear normal in some respect.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. For many people, this is the wake-up call they need to change their lifestyle. In my case, my father had been a Type 1 Diabetic since he was about 60 years old, and he lived a normal life, apart from twice daily insulin injections and blood checks, until he was almost 92. So, with this as my background, what eventually got me to change?

I reversed my type 2 diabetes

I’m 59 years of age, and as well as obesity, I have also inherited arthritis from both my parents. I decided to retire, and I wanted to spend time travelling to places I have only ever dreamed of. But what is the point of paying out a small fortune to visit exotic places if I can’t then walk around enough to see the sights and enjoy the place? I don’t want a long retirement – ten years will do me fine – but I want them to be a good ten years. I want to be fit and active enough to enjoy the time I have. My mobility was becoming a serious issue, so something had to be done. Read a blog page on this website around Healthspan vs. lifespan.

I had considered a gastric band operation, but I am a coward. I am squeamish, and it is pretty expensive; plus, I started to read about the many side effects of the surgery. You can also read our blog: “Everything You Need To Know About Gastric Bands.” When I read an article about Martin and Marions’ Gastric Mind Band method, I thought – yes, this is for me! I went straight online, booked in, and paid for the entire course there and then.

How I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes

I wasn’t sure if I could be hypnotised effectively, but I knew there was more to the method than that aspect alone. Plus, of course, I was going to get a trip to sunny Spain in the bargain! There would be sessions on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and I had some understanding of this from my University days studying psychology. I started the treatment in the hope that I would find the necessary support and stimulus to make me change my habits and to see a way forward that was workable for me, not just a complete catalogue of no-nos.

I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes

When I started on my weight-loss journey, I never expected to achieve a permanent 105 lb weight loss. I discussed with Marion Shirran, my therapist, the reasons for my eating patterns. We talked about portion sizes. (Yes, I did often eat ready meals for two just by myself.) Food was a reward after a successful day. Food was a consolation after a less-than-successful day. I deserved it. I had earned it – why shouldn’t I have what I wanted? Kay appeared on the Lorraine TV show in the UK image below, you can see the interview in the press section of the site.

GMTV Lorainne Kelly Interview

By the end of the week of the treatment, I had lost almost 5 pounds. I went home to an empty refrigerator, which I then filled only with “good” things. Fish features heavily, salads abound, and five servings a day of fruit and vegetables is now the norm, not an aspiration. After one month, I had lost an incredible 26 pounds. I was so proud.

After five months, I revisited Martin and Marion. This time, the clothes I had worn on my first visit swamped me. A visit to see my diabetic nurse resulted in a reduction in my medication because my sugar levels were much lower than in the past. I couldn’t wait to get on the scales. When I did, I had lost a staggering 70 lbs in 5 months. My next target is to be another 39 pounds lighter. My new nickname is Skinny Minny. The only growth area in the last five months has been spending on new clothes. Imagine my excitement at being able to shop in a store rather than trawling through catalogues of clothes for plus sizes.

T2D Check Up

We are so proud of Kay’s weight loss achievement, and we’re pleased to report that more than a decade later, Kay has not only kept the weight off, but she has gone on to lose even more over the past few years. I Reversed my Type 2 Diabetes! You may like to read our blog post about how you can turn the tables on type 2 diabetes. Following her weight loss success, Kay appeared on the GMTV breakfast programme with Lorraine Kelly. Read the dedicated page: Weight Loss and Fatty Liver Disease.

In Conclusion

In Kay’s inspiring journey, she not only shed an impressive 105 pounds but also reversed her Type 2 Diabetes. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to take control of one’s health and transform one’s life.

Kay’s journey began with self-awareness and the realization that her weight and eating habits were affecting her health and mobility. She contemplated different weight loss options, including surgery, but found the Gastric Mind Band method offered by Martin and Marion Shirran to be a compelling choice. This unique approach combined Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) with hypnosis, and it resonated with Kay as a holistic solution.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Through her treatment, Kay delved into the reasons behind her eating patterns and learned about portion control and the emotional aspects of food consumption. Her commitment and the support she received enabled her to make profound changes. The results were astounding – she lost almost 5 pounds within a week and a remarkable 26 pounds in one month.

Kay’s success extended beyond weight loss, with her sugar levels improving and a reduction in her diabetes medication. She felt a surge of pride and accomplishment as she embarked on her journey to a healthier, more active life. Her story reflects the transformation from a life of excuses to one of determination and self-improvement.

A decade later, Kay continues to maintain her weight loss and has even shed more pounds. Her journey is a testament to the lasting impact of positive change and determination. By reversing her Type 2 Diabetes and achieving significant weight loss, Kay proves that it’s possible to take control of one’s health and enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling life.

You can watch Kay’s interview with Lorraine Kelly here.

FAQ. 1. How did Kay’s weight loss journey lead to the reversal of her Type 2 Diabetes?

Answer: Kay’s weight loss journey, guided by the Gastric Mind Band method, helped her achieve significant weight loss. By shedding excess pounds and addressing her eating habits through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and hypnosis, she improved her overall health. This transformation ultimately led to the reversal of her Type 2 Diabetes, demonstrating the close relationship between weight management and diabetes control.

FAQ. 2. What motivated Kay to take action and seek a weight loss solution?

Answer: Kay’s motivation stemmed from a desire to make the most of her retirement years. She recognized that her mobility was deteriorating due to obesity, making it difficult for her to enjoy her travels and live an active life. The wake-up call came with her Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis, prompting her to explore effective weight loss methods.

FAQ. 3. Why did Kay choose the Gastric Mind Band method over other weight loss options?

Answer: Kay opted for the Gastric Mind Band method due to its holistic approach. It combines Clinical Hypnosis and CBT, providing a comprehensive solution to address not only eating habits but also the emotional and psychological aspects of overeating. This approach appealed to Kay as it offered a sustainable, long-term solution without the potential side effects of surgery.

FAQ. 4. How did Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) play a role in Kay’s weight loss success?

Answer: CBT played a pivotal role in Kay’s weight loss journey by helping her understand and change her eating patterns. It addressed issues like portion sizes, emotional eating, and the rewards associated with food consumption. By identifying and modifying these patterns, Kay was able to make lasting changes in her relationship with food, contributing to her impressive weight loss and diabetes reversal.

FAQ. 5. What lifestyle changes did Kay make to support her weight loss and health improvement?

Answer: Kay’s lifestyle changes included adopting healthier eating habits, such as incorporating more fruits and vegetables into her diet and focusing on portion control. These changes, coupled with her commitment to an active life, helped her not only lose weight but also enhance her overall well-being and effectively manage her Type 2 Diabetes.

FAQ. 6. How did Kay’s weight loss journey impact her confidence and self-image?

Answer: Kay’s journey led to a boost in her confidence and self-esteem. As she shed pounds and embraced a healthier lifestyle, she gained the confidence to explore new opportunities and make life-changing decisions. Her experience showcases the empowering effect of successful weight loss on one’s self-perception and overall quality of life.

FAQ. 7. What long-term benefits has Kay experienced since her weight loss journey?

Answer: Kay has enjoyed numerous long-term benefits, including maintaining her weight loss, improving her mobility, and reducing her diabetes medication. Her journey also motivated her to continue her weight loss efforts, contributing to her well-being and overall health. Her experience underscores the enduring impact of effective weight management.

FAQ. 8. How can individuals seeking to make a similar transformation find support and guidance?

Answer: Individuals looking to embark on a weight loss journey can seek support from professionals who offer holistic approaches like the Gastric Mind Band method. By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of weight management, such methods provide a comprehensive solution. Kay’s story serves as inspiration for those seeking lasting change, emphasizing the importance of motivation, commitment, and a tailored approach to weight loss and health improvement.

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