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How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

The No Diet, Diet

Reset Relationship With Food

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

I Beat my Sugar Addiction

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction. What better ambassador for a successful weight-loss method than Martin Shirran, the co-founder and joint developer of the Gastric Mind Band Therapy? He put himself forward as one of the first trial candidates ahead of the official launch of the treatment. And so, as a guinea pig, testing the method out on himself, he wrote his own Gastric Mind Band Diary during the process…. He started at 238 pounds; see the photo below.

I Beat My Sugar Addiction

As my friends, relatives, medical records and the photographs on this page will confirm, I have fought a battle with my weight for the best part of twenty-five years. When I started the programme, my weight had peaked at, dare I say it, 117 kilos: that’s an incredible 18 stone 3lbs. So, the people whose opinion I trust the most came up with a suggestion…”Join the programme trials!” Easy Weight Loss, read his story here.

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction - My Weigh Less

Martin The Guinea Pig

“Martin, why don’t you join the research trials... We can take regular photos of you, and you can also keep an ongoing diary covering your experiences.” Great! I thought. Fat photos of me all across the National Press! But how could I refuse? Over the previous twelve months, I, like others, had been trying out the various individual components of the treatment but never the combined treatment plan as a whole.

I Beat My Sugar Addiction

I lost 26 pounds in 9 weeks.

So, when I was officially weighed at the start of the trial, on the 19th of May 2008, I came in at 238 pounds. And yes, of course, I am embarrassed about that! Then, I was weighed and photographed in the same clothes on Monday, 21st July, nine weeks after my first session. And the result? Well, my weight had dropped from 238 pounds to 212 in just nine weeks! I was blown away, as was everyone else, of course. It related to a weight loss of just over 26 lbs, which equals an average reduction of 2.8 lbs per week.

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

By 22nd September, I was down to my initial target weight of 194 pounds. I was very happy about this, especially as for the first time in my adult life, I was no longer obese, still overweight, of course. But even though I was no longer obese, the charts confirmed I would continue to be labelled as overweight. So, I decided to carry on with the trial and take my weight down to 177 pounds. I would still be a little overweight, but I decided to call it a day when I reached my new, but final, target weight.

How I Beat My Sugar Addiction

I called this page Beating my Sugar Addiction because after going through the treatment and in the time since then, I realised, without doubt, that I had a lifelong addiction to sugar and carbohydrates. So, I now completely accept that I am hypersensitive to carbohydrates in any form. When I reduced my daily level of carbohydrates from my diet, not only did I lose weight, but it was just so easy. Because there are no cravings and no desires, I can go on multi-day fasts and just breeze through it.

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

Everything Changes With Sugar

Whilst I find controlling my eating was easy when I abstained from carbs, the opposite happens as soon as I eat a carb-rich food. And so I often tell Marion how I am aware, generally within 30 minutes, that the feelings change. Thanks to my research and personal experience, I now have a complete understanding of the effect of the hunger hormone Ghrelin and its opposite number, Peptin YY, so I know how to control them. As a result, I know exactly how to put a stop to Ghrelin, the hunger hormone coursing through my veins. Read more on the GMB Site.

My Weigh Less

What was easy…What was hard.

Surprisingly, I found doing the 48-hour ‘Fasting’ to be a walk in the park. The experience was exactly as I had read; the first day was a little challenging, and the second day was very easy. I actually went on during one week of the programme and did 72 72-hour fast. The weight loss was very motivational, and I repeated it a few times. Many people I have spoken to say that they could not even consider doing a ‘fast. The first time I tried, I decided that when I started to feel any pain or discomfort, I would stop. To be honest, I did feel a little ‘depraved’, but pain or discomfort…that never happened.

Abstaining from Alcohol did prove a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, we are not alcoholics, but after a long day, we were in the habit of coming home and enjoying a G&T before dinner. Also, and it is probably a bit of an excuse, living in Spain, sharing a bottle of wine over dinner is almost the norm. When I started the programme, in the first few weeks, I went teetotal; like I said a bit of a challenge, but the initial rapid weight loss carried me on. After that, I reintroduced alcohol in a controlled way. We limited it to one, occasionally two days a week.

We have a dedicated Blog Page which covers in detail just about everything you need to know about overcoming addictions relating to Sugar, Fat and Salt, you can see the page by following this link. Sugar Fat Salt The photo above was taken in early 2022; the weight loss has remained constant.

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

Weight Loss For Men is the title of another page on this website. And I think it is so important. Primarily because only this week I was reading about the connection, the link, between overweight men and prostate cancer. But also the increased risks of hospitalisation during the Covid situation if you were overweight. It’s just another reason for guys of any age to ‘take action’. Every day in the media, we read about the many female weight-loss stories. But I know that the issue is just as important to men as it is to women; they just do not seem to talk about it. How about giving your loved one the gift of weight loss…?

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction

My weight today is down to an incredible 176 pounds, and it only fluctuates up and down by around 5 pounds. This normally occurs if we are on holiday or over Christmas, for example, but within a few weeks, it reverts back. One thing I can confirm is that when you do reach that target weight point, everything, and I mean everything, in your life will change. Your Health, Your Self-esteem, Your Energy Levels… Try it. I dare you! Read about Obesity and Fat Loss Experts Here.

How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction Martin Shirran

I Beat My Sugar Addiction

Go ahead, relax, and take a few minutes to daydream about what it would be like to be slim and healthy. How about being at your target weight? Imagine if you never had to go on a diet again or be afraid of food. What if you were able to enjoy every social event? And you also had an abundance of extra energy and improved self-esteem. Welcome to the evidence-based My Weigh Less Master Class. A proven, psychology-focused downloadable weight loss treatment that delivers Permanent Results. Based on over 15,000 clinical 1:1 hours treating overweight clients. How To Take Control Of Your Sugar Addiction. Read about Metformin and weight loss here.

My Weigh Less downloadable weight loss
FAQ 1: What was Martin Shirran’s starting weight before he began his weight-loss journey?

Answer 1: Martin began his weight-loss journey at 238 pounds.

FAQ 2: How much weight did Martin lose during the trial of the Programme?

Answer 2: Martin lost 26 pounds in 9 weeks during the initial trial of the programme. He went on to lose a total of 61 pounds.

FAQ 3: Why did Martin call his journey “Beating My Sugar Addiction”?

Answer 3: Martin named his journey “Beating My Sugar Addiction” because he recognised his lifelong addiction to sugar and carbohydrates. Even now, he steers clear of carbohydrates as much as possible.

FAQ 4: What changes did Martin experience after he reduced his daily carbohydrate intake?

Answer 4: Reducing his daily carbohydrate intake helped Martin lose weight and eliminated his food cravings and desires. Like many others, he quickly became aware of the rise of his insulin level after eating carbohydrate-rich foods, it always produced a sensation of hunger.

FAQ 5: What is the current weight of Martin, and how stable is it?

Answer 5: Martin’s current weight is approximately 176 pounds, and it fluctuates by about 5 pounds, mainly after holidays or special occasions.

FAQ 6: What is the “My Weigh Less Master Class,” and what does it offer to those wishing to lose weight?

Answer 6: The “My Weigh Less Master Class” is an award-winning downloadable weight loss programme with proven, psychology-focused techniques, providing permanent results, and is supported by over 15,000 clinical 1:1 hours of experience in treating overweight clients.

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Reset Relationship With Food

Although the weight-loss results and success stories shown on the site are typical, individual results will vary and are not guaranteed. Weight-loss success depends on each individual’s level of motivation, commitment, food intake and metabolism. Read our full disclaimer in the Terms & Conditions.

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