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How To Decrease Your BMI

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How to Decrease Your BMI

So, you want to know how to decrease your BMI… But firstly, what does BMI mean? Well, it stands for Body Mass Index, which in very simple terms, is the relationship between your height and your overall weight. And unfortunately, this is currently the standard measurement to determine whether you are a healthy weight, overweight, or clinically obese.

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How to measure your BMI

So, how do I measure my BMI, and what should it be? Well, basically, to work out your BMI, you divide your weight in kilos by your height in metres squared. A healthy BMI is ideally somewhere between 18.5 and 24.9. Consequently, if your BMI is above 25, then you are overweight, and if it’s more then 30, then you are classed as clinically obese. having a high BMI means that you are possibly more prone to developing health issues. There’s a BMI calculator on the NHS website.

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Is your BMI a reliable measurement?

Many people now regard the BMI charts as out-dated, and unrealistic. Scientists are suggesting we start using other, better ways to record whether your weight might be a potential health issue. One of the main problems is BMI is only two-dimensional, and doesn’t take into account a person’s body composition. As a result, this means that a super fit, extremely muscular, athletic person, could step on the scales and their BMI will fall into the overweight range!

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The Public Health England’s current ‘matrix’ only considers people to be at higher risk if they have both a BMI of over 25, and a high waist circumference. However, recent research, published in the BMJ, pointed out the flaws in the current guidelines. The results showed that 35% of so-called normal weight adults, judged to be healthy, simply using the BMI formula, were actually considered ‘at risk’, when they were measured using a waist-to-height ratio instead.

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It’s more about Body Fat than Weight

Simply knowing how much you weigh is not the most important factor, when it comes to determining whether you are a high health risk. It’s far more to do with where you are actually carrying your body fat that has an impact on your overall health.  And, of course, by this we mean the abdominal, or visceral fat, around your vital organs.

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One very simple tool you can use for this measurement is a normal piece of string. Cut the string to the same length as your height, then fold it in half, and wrap it around your middle, in line with your belly button. If your abdominal fat is in the healthy range, then you should be able to make the ends of the string meet around your middle, or maybe even cross over. And if not, you know that you have some work to do to reduce your fat stores.

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How to Decrease Your BMI Fast

How to Decrease Your BMI? Well, it’s quite simple. There really are only two things you can do to decrease your BMI. The first one, a bit tongue in cheek really, is to grow a little bit taller! Seriously, it makes a big difference, as your BMI is a calculation that takes into account your height. The second option, to reduce your BMI fast, which is slightly easier to achieve, is to lose a little of your excess weight.

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How to Decrease Your BMI – Reduce Your Weight

People often ask how they can Reduce BMI (Their Weight) Fast. Honestly the only way to achieve that is to undertake your chosen diet. You could also consider introducing a level of Fasting into your daily routine, or combining the two. Rapid weight loss is never a good idea for a number of reasons. It is, however, what everybody wants to achieve. So How To Decrease Your BMI? Read our page “How Fast Can I Lose Weight?”

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A Weight Loss Approach that Works

Why not let us help you achieve permanent weight loss? But maybe you are thinking why would you entrust your weight loss aspirations to us? Well, we developed our Gold Standard non-surgical approach to weight loss over a fifteen year period, gaining global recognition. Articles about the treatment have appeared in hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world. The book about our treatment was a bestseller when published globally by Hay House.

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Featured on US and UK Television

Marion and Myself travelled to New York to appear on the Good Morning America TV Show. Later we appeared on This Morning TV show in the UK. Between us we have treated over a thousand people who have travelled from all over the world to complete our treatment. We have amassed over ten thousand 1:1 treatment hours working exclusively with people wishing to lose weight. We are now classed as experts in our field.

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Sarah lost over 140 pounds

Some of our clients arrive just wanting to lose a few pounds to fit into their wedding dress, others wanted or needed to lose over a hundred pounds. Our youngest client was just 14 years of age, our oldest was a lovely lady of 86. Our most successful client Sarah Hart, photo above, went on to lose 140 lbs. Sarah has been interviewed on Global TV, as well as being featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines around the world. So How To Decrease Your BMI.

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Psychologies magazine featured Martin and Marion Shirran.

Based on Proven Psychological Techniques

The All New My Weigh Less treatment incorporates a number of proven therapies, and also uniquely features an upgrade to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, TCBT. We pioneered this new psychological intervention at our Elite Clinic in Spain. Professor Windy Dryden of Goldsmiths University, London, and Professor Philip Zimbardo, of Stanford University in the USA, have both endorsed the new therapy.

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Now to enable our treatment to be available and affordable on a Global basis, we have invested the last twelve months, documenting and recording the complete treatment package. It can be downloaded from this website today. My Weigh Less is now being distributed globally by Oxford Therapeutics Limited. How To Decrease Your BMI

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Read the Case Studies Today

On the My Weigh Less website you can read a number of verified case stories, and view the associated before and after images. On our GMB website you can read the Clinical Evidence section produced by Dr Sarah Clarke. Try it today, you will not only reduce your BMI, but you will Permanently Lose Weight As Well.

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Marion Shirran, as a director of Oxford Therapeutics Limited, is proud to be a registered Stakeholder in NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

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