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How Does Weight Loss Work

 How Does Weight Loss Work

What happens when you lose weight? We’ve all seen the stream of expensively produced adverts, each promising to help you almost effortlessly lose weight. To an observer, it seems that a new product, plan, or weight loss device arrives on the market on an almost daily basis. New ready meals and diet plans coming to the market inform us that if we buy and use them, we will not just magically lose weight, but we will become super healthy almost overnight.

how does weight loss work

So, after decades, why is dieting so unsuccessful? The Weight Loss Industry is huge, valued at an amazing $288 billion! How much is that in real terms? Well, it equals the total GDP of South Africa, so it’s big! In general, until now, no one in the industry has been that keen to ‘Kill the Golden Goose!’ so to speak. But then again, why would they?

The good news, however, is that small, positive changes are starting to happen, so hopefully, things are going to improve. Apparently, some people in the industry feel that the change is overdue. After all, for how many years can you continue to roll out the same but repackaged approaches to tens of millions of people that basically just don’t work?

Many people wake up in the morning and decide to go on a diet; maybe they just want to lose a few pounds before their summer holiday. For others, however, it’s more serious; their doctor may have told them that they need to lose weight for a number of health reasons. But how many people actually understand how the whole weight loss thing works at a practical level? You may like to read our page: “Best Weight-Loss Specialist”

how does weight loss work

How does weight loss work? Is weight loss just a simple matter of diet and exercise, ‘less in, more out’, or is it more complicated than that? On this page, we are going to try and explain the workings of a diet in ‘Layman’s Terms’. We will also share with you a few tips that you can introduce into your life to make it all a little less of a struggle. If you’re a new mother, you may also like to read our page: “Post-pregnancy weight loss”.

So firstly, as many people reading this page already know, losing weight is certainly not as easy as people think. We all have those naturally thin friends who question why you don’t ‘just do this, or that’, and get it all over within a couple of weeks… if only! So, how does weight loss work then? And also, have you ever thought: Is Obesity Hereditary?

What is weight loss? Weight loss is a process where you burn off and remove the stored excess fat from your body, resulting in you weighing less. The process includes breaking down the fat, converting it into energy, and then burning that energy for use in your everyday activities. Burning that fat can be achieved in a number of ways, not just by going to the gym, for example.

what happens when you lose weight

If you imagine you had a pint glass of chilled water in front of you, how much energy (Electricity or Gas) do you think it would take to heat it up to 37 degrees? that’s warm water. If you drink that glass of water, then before your body can expel it as urine, it must be heated to 37C (98.6F) using, in effect, the same amount of energy. No exercise is required on your part; it just happens without you even knowing about it.  That’s burning calories.

Another example of burning fat happens when you go to bed at night. While you are asleep, your body continues to burn calories, even though you’re not eating or drinking anything during this period. The approximate rate of calorie burn is around 50 per hour, so it’s around 350 per night. Many people are surprised by how large the number is. Although sleeping requires far less energy than most daytime activities, it’s still an active period for our brain and certain other bodily functions.

Adopting proper sleep hygiene habits, and creating a cool, dark, quiet bedroom environment, can encourage your body to cycle naturally through the different sleep stages, and optimise your metabolism while sleeping. For more information, go to the Sleep Foundation website.

sleep more weigh less

How Does a Diet Work? To understand how a diet works, it is important to understand what is going on inside the body. The human body has two different ways that it burns calories: through the process of digestion and through movement.

When food is digested, the body breaks down the food into smaller molecules that can be used as fuel or energy. A diet limiting how many carbohydrates are consumed and also focusing on eating mostly protein-filled foods that are high in fat prompts the body to rely more on digestion for energy because a lot of those fats are going unused.

The Science of Weight Loss provides information on how weight loss actually works – from the hormones and neurotransmitters that control our appetite to the way in which calories are burned off, broken down, and measured. Most people know the main cause of weight gain is a diet high in carbohydrates. This can lead to excess levels of insulin, which causes fat storage. The benefit of a Ketogenic diet is that it limits carb intake, thus decreasing insulin levels, resulting in fat loss.

how does weight loss work

According to Diet Doctor, the number 1 low-carb website in the world, there’s no need to count calories to lose weight as long as you simply reduce your carbohydrate intake. It’s a fact that people who choose a low-carb lifestyle lose weight relatively easily. Also, they naturally tend to consume fewer calories because their hunger levels are so low. You may also like to read our light-hearted page: “Can vegetables make you gain weight?”

It sounds silly to say that the answer to weight loss is as simple as eating less but as sad as it is, there is an element of truth in it. However, what you eat is just as important as how much. The human body is a “dual fuel machine”: it can either run on sugar or fat. The preferred and easiest source of energy for our body is sugar, so the best way to flip it over into fat-burning mode is to switch off the sugar supply by limiting carbohydrate consumption.

One method of weight loss that is growing in popularity is fasting. There are different levels of fasting, from several hours to several days. But, to find out more information about fasting, please read our blog post on The Benefits of Fasting.

how does weight loss work

So, in conclusion, How Does Weight Loss Work? It works when you take in fewer calories than you burn each day. The opposite, gaining weight, occurs when the reverse happens, and you consume on a daily basis more calories than you burn. So, what happens when you actually lose weight? How does weight loss work?

Where does the fat go…? Fat leaves your body in two basic ways: by water when you sweat and by the kidneys when you urinate. It also leaves the body as carbon dioxide when breathing. If you’d like to read more about the science behind this, it’s called the Krebs cycle.

how does weight loss work
FAQ 1: What exactly happens when we lose weight?

Answer: When we lose weight, our bodies burn off and remove stored excess fat, leading to a reduction in our overall weight. This process involves breaking down fat, converting it into energy, and burning that energy for various activities.

FAQ 2: Is weight loss solely about diet and exercise, or is it more complex than that?

Answer: While diet and exercise are key components of weight loss, it is more intricate than simply “less in, more out.” Weight loss also involves various biological processes and the way our bodies metabolize calories.

FAQ 3: Can you explain how the body burns calories through digestion and movement?

Answer: The body burns calories through digestion, which involves breaking down food into smaller molecules for energy. Additionally, calories are burned through physical movement and activities. A diet that focuses on limiting carbohydrate intake can prompt the body to rely more on digestion for energy.

FAQ 4: What role does sleep play in weight loss and calorie burning?

Answer: Proper sleep hygiene and a conducive sleep environment can influence calorie burning during sleep. While sleeping, the body continues to burn calories, mainly through essential bodily functions and brain activity.

FAQ 5: How does a low-carb or ketogenic diet impact weight loss?

Answer: Low-carb and ketogenic diets can be effective for weight loss because they limit carbohydrate intake, which reduces insulin levels and prompts the body to burn fat for energy. Many people following these diets naturally consume fewer calories due to reduced hunger.

FAQ 6: Is fasting an effective method for weight loss?

Answer: Fasting is a growing trend in weight loss, with various approaches, from intermittent fasting to extended fasting. It can be effective for some individuals, and you can learn more about it in our blog post on “The Benefits of Fasting.”

FAQ 7: Is weight loss as simple as eating fewer calories than you burn?

Answer: Yes, weight loss fundamentally works when you consume fewer calories than you burn each day. Gaining weight occurs when you consume more calories than you burn. However, what you eat is equally important, and the body’s preferred energy source can be influenced by carbohydrate consumption.

FAQ 8: Where does the fat go when we lose weight?

Answer: Fat leaves the body in a few ways. It’s eliminated through water when you sweat, excreted through the kidneys when you urinate, and also expelled as carbon dioxide when you breathe. The scientific process behind this is known as the Krebs cycle.

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how does weight loss work

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how does weight loss work

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how does weight loss work

Over a thousand individuals, including medical professionals, celebrities, and the general public, have travelled from around the world to experience their weight-loss treatment. Some sought to enhance their appearance, while others prioritised their health, successfully reversing medical conditions like insulin resistance, diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatty liver disease.

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