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Does quality of sleep affect your weight loss?

Depression and Obesity

Does quality of sleep affect your weight loss?

Does Quality of Sleep Affect Your Weight Loss? In short, yes: sleeping well helps you lose weight, big time! In 2015, a study funded by Diabetes UK and UK National Institute of Health Research concluded that losing out on just 30 minutes of sleep per night can cause people to experience weight gain. Additionally, a more shocking, and unexpected consequence, was the potential metabolic changes, such as insulin resistance.

Does Quality of Sleep Affect Your Weight Loss? - My weigh Less

Does Quality of Sleep Affect your Weight Loss?

Why does insulin resistance matter?Insulin resistance allows sugar to build up in the blood, instead of being absorbed by the cells. This can result in the person developing Prediabetes, or even Type 2 Diabetes eventually. After 12 months, for every 30 minutes of weekday sleep deficit, the risk of obesity increased by 17%, and the risk of insulin resistance increased by a staggering 39%. You may be interested to read our blog about how you can reverse type 2 diabetes.

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We Spend Thirty Per Cent of Our lives Asleep

When you’re sleeping your whole body, including the brain, has a chance to generally rejuvenate itself. However, according to the NHS, one in three of us suffers from lack of sleep. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation causes a spike in the stress hormone, cortisol, which in turn increases your appetite. Additionally, when you’re feeling stressed, your body craves more carbohydrates.

plenty of good quality sleep helps with weight loss

Will Sleeping Help You Lose Weight?

Willpower restores itself during Sleep

Many believe that willpower is like a hormone, and its reserves dwindle as the day goes on. And only sleep can replenish it. Research shows that people trying to stop smoking, or to lose weight, as an example, normally cave in during the evening, around 8.00pm. This is when their level of the willpower hormone has been expended.

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Lack of Sleep Increases Cravings for Carb-Rich Foods

Evidence supports the fact that lack of sleep causes people to consume more food, and crave predominantly energy-dense, high-carbohydrate snacks. All carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, which is then absorbed into the bloodstream, raising your blood sugar. Whenever you’re not eating, (while you’re sleeping, for instance), your body will burn the sugar for energy first of all, and when the sugar supply runs out, it will start burning your fat stores. So, yes you can, in a way, lose weight while you sleep.

Will Sleeping help you lose weight

Try Not To Eat Late At night

It’s a fact that insufficient, or fragmented, sleep causes people to overeat. Also, the double-edged sword situation is that unfortunately, overeating can affect the quality of sleep! The digestive system slows down during sleep, so if you eat late at night, your body uses a lot of energy for several hours afterwards to digest that food, which makes it harder for you to relax and fall asleep. Sleep more and lose weight…

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It’s not just when you eat, but what you eat…

A recent study by Columbia University in New York, published in the Annual Review of Nutrition journal, found that a diet that includes plenty of fruit, veg and legumes, promotes better quality sleep. In contrast, people who consume high quantities of added sugar experience poorer quality sleep, and less deep sleep overall. Also, of course, they are more likely to be overweight than those who keep their sugar intake to a minimum.

ways to improve your sleep and help you lose weight

Does Quality of Sleep Affect your Weight Loss?

Five Tips to lose weight whilst you sleep.

1. Limit Alcohol

Alcohol disrupts your quality of sleep in a number of ways. Excessive alcohol results in you not achieving enough REM sleep, which is vital for restoring brain function, creating memories, promoting learning and improving general health and well-being. This is why you can go to bed after a heavy drinking session, wake in the morning, after maybe 10 hours, and feel just as tired as when you went to bed! Alcohol and a perfect night’s sleep do not mix at any level.

My Weigh Less, Wine, Alcohol is not good for sleep.

2. No Netflix Bingeing!

Binge-watching TV into the early hours does not really help with your sleeping. Late night viewing can awaken and sharpen your senses, rather than slow them down. It is better to lay in bed and read a book, with the lighting set low. Or maybe treat yourself to a soak in the bath with some scented candles to help you prepare to drift off to sleep. Does Quality of Sleep Affect Your Weight Loss? Yes!

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3. Stay Away from Late Night Snacking

Snacking in the evenings is never a good idea, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Why not try to resist eating anything after 8.00pm until your breakfast? This unintentional ‘Fast’ of around twelve hours will deliver two benefits, it will aid your weight loss directly, and ensure that you achieve a much more restful and beneficial level of sleep. Will sleeping help you lose weight? Definitely! While you’re sleeping, you’re fasting, so leave the pizza until tomorrow!

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4. Sleep, Sex, Rest and Relaxation

Your Bedroom should be a sanctuary, your special place reserved exclusively for Sleep, Sex, Rest and Relaxation. Low level lighting is best. This will be detected by the Pineal gland, which senses low light releasing melatonin (it makes you sleepy). Also make sure the bedroom is at a comfortable, cool temperature.

My Weigh Less, a dark bedroom is best for quality sleep.

5. Stick to a Regular Sleep Pattern

You should establish a regular sleep pattern, going to bed at a set time each evening. You should strive to get close as close as possible to the recommended eight hours sleep per night. Research has shown that the best quality sleep takes place between 10.00pm and 4.00am. This of course is in line with research around the circadian rhythm.

Tips to lose weight while you sleep

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Will Sleeping Help You Lose Weight?

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