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How to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

Alan’s Weight-Loss Story

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

Read Alan’s How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease Story

How to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease. I was borderline diabetic 18 months ago, along with several other health issues. These included liver function (fatty liver disease), hugely high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. A visit to see my Consultant at Kingston Hospital was the tipping point for me. After checking me over, he looked up and said, “If you don’t lose some weight right now, Alan, you will probably die from a heart attack or stroke sooner rather than later!”

Heart Attack or Stroke...I remember being a bit ‘numb.’ I guess no one wants a medical consultant to say those words, but I think deep down, I already knew I had placed myself squarely on a route to nowhere. That evening, determined to do something, I spent a couple of hours on the Internet. I looked at dozens of weight loss options, then I came across Martin and Marion’s treatment. It made perfect sense to me; I phoned them up the next day, had a chat and booked in for the treatment.

All my health issues were the result of years of being overweight and eating a massive amount of carbohydrates. For 30 years, I struggled with my weight until my health issues, caused by my being obese, caught up with me. Finding Martin and Marion Shirran and the amazing work they do around permanent weight loss has probably saved my life! And, as one of my consultants at Kingston Hospital said, “Their intervention has quite possibly added 8 to 10 years to it!”

How to reverse fatty liver disease

Alan’s experience highlights the intricate and often harmful connection between obesity and various health issues, including fatty liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Fatty liver disease, also known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), is characterized by an accumulation of fat in liver cells. This condition is strongly linked to obesity, as excess body fat, particularly around the abdominal area, can lead to the deposition of fat in the liver. NAFLD can progress to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a more severe form of the disease associated with inflammation and potential liver damage.

The presence of obesity and fatty liver disease significantly increases the risk of developing conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Obesity-related insulin resistance and inflammation can contribute to the onset of diabetes, while the accumulation of fat in the liver can lead to disturbances in lipid metabolism, raising cholesterol levels. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common comorbidity of obesity, resulting from increased blood volume and arterial stiffness associated with excess body fat.

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

The pivotal moment in Alan’s journey came when his consultant issued a grave warning about the potential consequences of his health issues, emphasizing the real and imminent threat of heart attack or stroke. This wake-up call underscores the critical need for effective and lasting weight management strategies, especially in cases where obesity is intricately linked to severe health complications. Alan’s decision to pursue the treatment offered by Martin and Marion Shirran, aimed at permanent weight loss, highlights the significance of addressing the root causes of obesity-related health issues to extend and improve one’s quality of life.

I’ve lost over five stone (75 pounds) following their treatment. Also, all of my health issues are now completely normal. All of this has been officially confirmed by my consultants at London’s Kingston Hospital. I know that I couldn’t have done this without Martin and Marion’s help, and I can’t thank them enough. If you’ve got ongoing weight issues, get in touch with them, you really won’t regret it… We have an additional page: “Can you reverse fatty liver?”

reversing fatty liver disease

December 2021 Update: How to Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

I thought it might be a good idea to do a little PS, so to speak, just to update my profile page to December 2021. Firstly, with regard to my fatty liver disease, and indeed the diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and all the other health issues that were so bad two years ago. Blood spectrum tests taken this month have indicated normal in all departments. Everything has reversed itself and returned to medically acceptable levels again. These are the fourth full-spectrum blood tests this year that have shown completely normal levels.

My thyroid, which has been underactive for some time, is indeed the main reason why I have regular appointments with the Endocrinologist. That has also stabilised now. So, I’m now being prescribed just a maintenance dose of Levothyroxine, a fantastic result! On the 21st of December 2021, I had a face-to-face appointment with my consultant, Dr Ye Kyaw, Head of Endocrinology at Kingston Hospital London. He was absolutely delighted with how much weight I had lost since I last saw him. You can read more about Kingston Hospital Here

Type 2TD reversed

Hospital Consultant ‘Blown Away’ with Results

My Endocrinologist was so impressed that he wanted me to explain everything about the treatment and how I had achieved a fantastic turnaround in my health so quickly. And he even went as far as bringing Martin and Marion’s website up on the PC in his consulting office so we could go through it together. He had already mentioned trying a diet to me back in 2018. However, I didn’t take that seriously. Then I started my course with Martin and Marion, and everything just changed.

Reverse fatty liver disease

Excellent Results with Zero Exercise

The other thing that he found very interesting was that I had achieved my weight loss with only very, very minimal exercise. I have some disabilities that now prevent me from most types of strenuous physical activity, although I can manage a bit of breaststroke in the pool and a very small amount of machine work in the weight room at the gym, but really light levels of resistance, just enough to keep some kind of muscle tone.

Yes, we all know that exercise is good for you and during weight loss especially so. It will help to raise your metabolism, lower cortisol, and reduce stress levels, helping the weight loss progress. That’s precisely why you usually feel good after a workout. But exercise is only a small part of weight loss. At the end of the day, it’s not the be-all and end-all of losing weight. It’s really much, much more about what you eat and how you eat it. It’s fair to say that I have lost 75 pounds by being a couch potato…lol! No, really, I’ve done pretty much 90% of it by controlling what and how I eat.

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

I try to limit my carbohydrate intake to no more than 25g per day. Then, at least twice a week, I’ll do a 20-hour intermittent fast, that is, skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch. This works well for me, and it’s easily maintainable; plus, now that I’m nearing my target weight, I also allow myself to ‘go off plan’ now and then. I don’t alter the food that I eat, but I will once a week treat myself to a night out with my friends in our local pub. This very seldom puts any weight on, but if it does, the minute I go back on the plan, the weight comes off again within a couple of days with no difficulty.

This is probably how I will maintain everything once I have finally achieved my target weight. At that stage, though, I expect to be able to be more flexible with my consumption of carbohydrates. I intend to continue to do an intermittent fast at least once a week, and most probably right after my treat day. This should ensure a speedy return to ketosis. Have you ever wondered if obesity runs in families…?

how to reverse fatty liver disease

So, to summarise, over the years, I have tried all sorts of diets; some notably awful ones spring to mind: “The Oxford diet, the cabbage soup diet, the 5/2 diet”, and I lost weight, at least while I was on them, however, because there was no lifestyle change, the minute you come off, and return to the bad old ways, it all goes back on, plus a little extra, guaranteed. Just to add, it was seeing Matins’s before and after photo that initially piqued my interest in their weight-loss approach.

How To Reverse Fatty Liver Disease

Real, permanent weight loss requires lifestyle changes. So, just how committed are you to losing weight? Martin’s supremely clever cognitive therapy, combined with Marion’s hypnosis sessions and ongoing support, have achieved a full lifestyle change for me. I feel confident that whatever weight I gain, as soon as I return to the plan, it will fall off again with very little effort.

Their excellent programme has, in the words of my Endocrinologist and my Rheumatologist at St George’s and Kingston Hospital, London, “added 8 to 10 years to my life”. And especially so, given the family history of premature and sudden death from heart disease…! I can’t see myself returning to those bad, old, damaging ways of eating and drinking ever again because I like being able to look down and see my feet again!

reversing fatty liver disease

Yes, it took Dr Kyaw to say to me, “If you do not start to lose weight right now, you will die from a heart attack or stroke!” Sometimes, one needs a kick up the bum like that, and I certainly did! If you’re in that same position as I was two years ago, please don’t hesitate; your life could well depend on immediate action and decisions. Mine most certainly did, and if I hadn’t discovered the Shirrans’ weight loss website, bitten the bullet, and made the decision to go ahead, well, I might not have been here today to write this update…!

Our FAQs

FAQ 1. What is fatty liver disease, and how does it relate to obesity?

Answer: Fatty liver disease, also known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), is a condition characterized by the accumulation of fat in liver cells. It is strongly linked to obesity, as excess body fat, particularly around the abdominal area, can lead to the deposition of fat in the liver. NAFLD can progress to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a more severe form of the disease associated with inflammation and potential liver damage.

FAQ 2. What health issues are associated with obesity?

Answer: Obesity is closely related to various health issues, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and increased risks of heart attack and stroke. These conditions often result from the physiological changes, such as insulin resistance and inflammation, that accompany excess body fat.

FAQ 3. How did Alan’s consultant emphasize the urgency of addressing his weight?

Answer: Alan’s consultant made it clear that his health was at immediate risk, stating that if he didn’t lose weight promptly, he was likely to experience a heart attack or stroke sooner rather than later. This stark warning highlighted the critical nature of the situation and the need for urgent action.

FAQ 4. How did Alan come across Martin and Marion’s treatment for permanent weight loss?

Answer: Motivated to take action after his consultant’s warning, Alan researched various weight loss options on the internet. During his search, he discovered Martin and Marion Shirran’s treatment, which resonated with him, making him decide to contact them and pursue the treatment.

FAQ. 5. What role does obesity play in worsening health issues like fatty liver disease?

Answer: Obesity can exacerbate health issues like fatty liver disease by contributing to insulin resistance and inflammation. The accumulation of fat in the liver is a common consequence of obesity, and this can lead to liver dysfunction and more severe conditions like NASH.

FAQ 6. Why is it essential to address the root causes of obesity-related health issues?

Answer: Addressing the root causes of obesity-related health issues is crucial to prevent or reverse these conditions effectively. Merely treating the symptoms or consequences of obesity without addressing the underlying factors is unlikely to provide long-term health benefits.

FAQ 7. How did Alan manage to lose over 75 pounds following the treatment?

Answer: Alan achieved significant weight loss by adopting a low-carbohydrate diet, intermittent fasting, and incorporating minimal exercise due to some physical limitations. This approach allowed him to lose weight effectively while controlling his carbohydrate intake and promoting ketosis.

FAQ 8. What feedback did Alan receive from his endocrinologist and other consultants?

Answer: Alan’s consultants, including his endocrinologist, were impressed by the substantial weight loss and overall improvement in his health. They noted that Martin and Marion’s treatment had added 8 to 10 years to his life and commended the lifestyle changes he had made, emphasizing the importance of adopting a sustainable approach to weight management.

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