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The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

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The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss. This blog was written by Martin and Marion Shirran. They have clocked up over ten thousand hours of therapy time helping clients to lose weight.

The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

This question is not a simple one to answer, for a number of reasons. Firstly, not all calories are equal. Also, some calories will have a bigger effect on your weight loss calculations than others. Therefore, in this short article we are going to explain some of the science around calories. We will also introduce you to a more up to date approach that you may wish to try.

The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

A Calorie Restricting Diet is Not The Right Way!

It is medically accepted that calorie restricting diets can potentially cause a number of problems for someone wishing to lose weight. Firstly, you risk reducing your metabolic rate over a period of time. Secondly, your weight set point re-adjusts higher. This means that you regain all the weight you lose and more. Also, it’s hard to maintain very low calorie diets anyway and they seldom produce a permanent result.

Foods to Lose Weight - The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

Moreover, the word calorie is often linked to another word, Diet or Dieting. At a psychological level, dieting is seen as deprivation, which in turn creates an increased level of desire. Of course, this is not an ideal mindset to have when you are trying to cut back, or generally reduce your energy input. As a result, it is often the main reason why dieters fail. Diets often turn out to be a circle of doom.

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So Just What Is A Calorie?

So let’s talk about the science behind it. Firstly, a calorie is a measurement of energy. It’s the amount of heat needed to raise one gram of water by one degree Celsius. Basically, we need to consume a certain number of calories per day to survive. The problems start however, when we consume more calories than our body needs. They are converted into fat, which is then laid down for future use. Sad but True. How Many Calories Should I be Eating to Lose Weight.

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The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

But where it all gets confusing in the arena of weight loss is the fact that the body uses calories in different ways. For instance, calories in alcohol are different to calories in food. Alcohol is energy dense, so it is not a friend to someone wishing to lose weight. As a result, alcohol is “Calorie Heavy, Nutrition Lite!”

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Men burn more calories than women

Therefore, when someone asks the general question: how many calories do I need to consume to maintain, or lose weight, there is no stock answer. So, the amount of calories you require changes dramatically, depending on your frame size and lifestyle. As a result, if you have a large frame, or are very active, you will burn more calories than someone who has a small frame, or leads a sedentary lifestyle. Also, men burn more calories than women.

The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

So How Many Calories Should I Be Eating To Lose Weight

So how many calories should you consume in a day to lose weight? Well, broadly speaking a woman burns around 2,000 calories per day. To lose weight at the rate of one pound per week she would need to create a daily deficit of 500 calories: so that’s 3,500 per week. In comparison, for men the figure is roughly 500 calories higher.

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Diet, or Crash Diet. That is How it Ends Most of The Time

For those seriously looking at losing weight, there is a growing amount of evidence which supports a low carbohydrate approach to weight loss. Why is this? Because it tends to be far more sustainable. And a low carbohydrate approach provides more flexibility. People who eat fewer carbs generally don’t feel hungry. Additionally, they experience increased energy and level of positivity. This is due to hormone changes.

The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

My Weigh Less how many calories should I be eating to lose weight

What counts more is not how many calories, but where they come from. Different food groups contain a different number of calories. For example fat contains 9 calories per gram, but is way more satisfying than carbohydrate, which only has 4. Therefore, if you choose full fat rather than high carb foods you will naturally eat smaller quantities overall. How Many Calories Should I be Eating to Lose Weight.

The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss
A tasty, satisfying protein and fat rich snack of hard boiled eggs and cheese.

The Magic of Calories and Weight Loss

Weight loss is predominantly a psychological issue. Restricting a person’s food input, resembles treating the symptom of the problem not the cause. If a glass is overflowing you turn off the tap don’t you? Simply placing a surgical band around a person’s stomach, or telling them to eat different foods will not work. We need to fix their thinking around over eating. So, if we do that, all will be well.

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Over A Thousand People Visited The Shirrans’ Clinic

The Solution! Over a thousand people have travelled from around the world to visit Martin and Marion Shirran. At their Elite Clinic in Spain, they developed an approach to weight loss that focuses on Psychology. It is the subject of two books, and countless newspaper and magazine articles have featured it. Their unique approach delivers an optimised weight loss experience.

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A Fully Downloadable Solution to Permanent Weight Loss

Now their My Weigh Less treatment is available in a downloadable format that everyone can afford. No need to travel to their clinic, or attend meetings, because the all new course can be completed anywhere, at whatever speed you wish. The course is crammed with weight loss information, as well as many tips and secrets that they normally reserve for their international clients. My Weigh Less is a product of Oxford Therapeutics Limited.

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Between them Martin and Marion have over ten thousand hours of one on one experience working with people wishing to lose weight. So, imagine being able to sit down with them somewhere quiet and comfortable, with an overflowing cup of coffee, whilst they shared with you absolutely everything they know about achieving permanent weight loss.

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Based on The Latest Developments around Neuro Science

The My Weigh Less downloadable weight loss program, is based on ground-breaking work around the treatment of obesity. The Shirrans have amassed over ten thousand individual clinical hours of experience in the treatment of weight loss. They strive to deliver an optimised experience to each client. Sarah below lost 140 pounds with Martin and Marion’s treatment.

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The new online course has been the subject of considerable real person trials, ensuring it continually delivers the desired results. It consists of twelve, one-hour sessions, which you can purchase individually, with no ongoing commitment. It also incorporates a number of scientifically-proven therapies, to provide a non-Surgical Permanent Weight Loss Solution.

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But Does It Work

The results they have achieved compare favourably to the surgical alternatives, but at a fraction of the cost, and with none of the associated risks or hospital visits. The treatment is described as an ‘Upstream’ intervention, they treat the cause of the problem, resulting in Permanent Weight Loss. Stand back, take a breath and read the pages of their site.

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As Seen on Global Television

Almost every National Newspaper, and many popular magazines in the UK have featured the treatment. You can read the articles in the Press Section of the site. In addition, Martin and Marion and their clients have appeared in a number of TV Shows, such as This Morning, with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, Good Morning America, as well as on both Australia and Japan TV networks.

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Martin Shirran, Joint Clinical Director

Martin Shirran, below was one of the first trial candidates for the weight loss treatment. He and his wife, Marion, pioneered the treatment together. He subsequently went on to lose over 80 pounds, and has maintained his weight loss for close to 15 years. Over 1,000 people have travelled from around the world to complete the GMB treatment. Hopefully, after reading the pages of this website, My Weigh Less you will understand why.

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