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How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

How to Spot a Diet Terrorist. Ah, the Diet Terrorist – your dieting frenemy. (Yep, it’s a word; apparently, it’s a cross between a Friend and an Enemy). Pull up a chair, and let’s talk about handling them. Did you see the Netflix Series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, all about the game of chess? Discovering and then successfully handling a “Diet Terrorist” requires skills which share a few of the characteristics required for playing a game of chess.

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

Dieting is a journey, and during that journey, there may well be a few bumps in the road. To avoid the occasional hiccups along the way. The dieter needs to be prepared more mentally than physically for when they come across a Diet Terrorist. Whatever you do, don’t for one second think that you will be spared. It is a fact that at one level or another, they will come for you; they always have, and they always will.

The terrorists will, at least most of the time, be in disguise. They will resemble your loved ones, your family, or even your partner. Maybe they will surface as old friends or new friends. They may take on the appearance of work colleagues, but worst of all, they may take on the role of a ‘specialist’ in their chosen field.

One thing you need to be aware of is that, often they are innocent; they don’t even know what they are doing. You may think they are blind to your ambitions, dreams, aspirations and goals around weight loss. Before we move on, it may help you if we take a look at the training that a Diet Terrorist is given. Because if you know their game, like in chess, you will have a better chance of remaining in control.

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

It is stated in the ‘DT’ training manual. As a DT, your goal is to use your learned skills to scare followers of weight-loss diets into giving in and eating and consuming alcohol in abundance. The dieter must believe that you care for their wellbeing. You must instil in them that everything you say and do is for their good, not yours. If you have to, use the encouragement of alcohol and other things to weaken their resolve. How To Spot A Diet Terrorist.

The mission of a ‘DT’ is to maximise the sense of urgency generated by invoking fear, guilt, and even shame. This enables them to demand immediate compliance. They will always make you aware of the side effects of not following their guidance. They will tell you that there is no room for any delays and that your friends and family are worried about you.

Terrorists will always tell you that all your friends agree with them, that you really need to go out and socialise, have fun, drink shots and eat pizza, just like you used to. You already know that this will result in a complete failure and breakdown of your new weight loss regime.

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

Sometimes, you will hear statements like: “But it’s Jane’s birthday! You will ruin it for her if you don’t join us at the Pizza restaurant”. Or “You really need to eat a desert; you’re wasting away.” Sometimes, a loved one will surprise you by taking you to your favourite restaurant as a reward for doing so well on your diet.

This action will, of course, guarantee that you will reverse your entire week’s dieting efforts. Or maybe they will arrive at your home with your favourite takeaway and a bottle or two of wine. Just as a reward for sticking to your diet, of course!

The big gun they often fire is the announcement that you and some friends are going away on holiday together. The sting is that everyone’s very excited as it is an all-inclusive holiday. As well as a selection of free restaurants, it has a 24-hour free pizza buffet, and, of course, it includes unlimited free alcohol from dawn to dusk…..

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

We know that for many people just starting out on a serious diet, social events of just about any kind bring on a ‘cold sweat’. Just the mention of them can fill the new dieter with dread. The dieter knows that social eating can be a nightmare. Sitting at a table surrounded by friends, with no exit route in view and a menu placed in front of them, can often resemble a rapidly arriving Tsunami.

If they are serious about losing weight, the new dieter needs to surround themselves with friends who will support them with their weight-loss goals. After all, if someone really loves and cares for you, they would want you to be happy and healthy and do everything possible to make it happen. How To Spot A Diet Terrorist.

The best way to deal with Diet Terrorists, those who unknowingly, perhaps, try to lead you off track, is to spend some time educating them about what you are trying to achieve and the method you are using. Explain to them that they can either help you or get in the way; it is their choice.

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

Beware, Be Safe…

The other technique is to learn to anticipate who they are in advance. Diet Terrorists have the habit of trying to force their views on others. You can best deal with them by insisting that you will make your own decisions about what and when to eat and refusing to talk to them about food choices at all. Stay strong, stand your ground, and don’t be swayed!

So, you may be thinking this is all a little over the top. And you’re right, of course, you are! But you will need as much knowledge as possible to succeed, and just be aware that some people may not be as helpful as you expected.

When I was first training in therapy, I did a course based around helping people to Stop Smoking. I remember the lecturer explaining how, when a person stops smoking, their friends who are still smokers, sometimes feel threatened. One of their group has “broken out, become free, and taken control”, so to speak. It makes the existing smoker look weak in front of other non-smokers. Having worked with over a thousand weight loss clients, I have occasionally seen a similar scenario develop around successful dieters!!

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

I learned quickly that this dynamic is common, and certainly, it is not exclusive to quitting smoking; it applies to dieting, too. When you decide to take control of your health and weight, some may inadvertently feel threatened because you’re making a positive change they haven’t made yet.

In the end, we should view Diet Terrorists with a dose of empathy. They might not understand your journey fully, and their tactics often come from a place of concern, albeit misguided. They’re the Queen’s Gambit opponents in your weight-loss chess game, and your moves will determine your success. Remember, you’re the grandmaster of your own destiny, and it’s up to you to protect your goals. How To Spot A Diet Terrorist.

So, keep educating those around you about your objectives, choose supportive friends who’ll cheer you on, and stay strong in the face of temptation. In this battle against Diet Terrorists, you’ve got the wisdom and determination to win. And just like in chess, when you play strategically, you’ll outmanoeuvre the opposition and secure a checkmate for your health and happiness. Cheers to a healthier, happier you!

How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

Our Top FAQs

FAQ 1: Who or what are Diet Terrorists?

Answer: Diet Terrorists are individuals in your life who unintentionally sabotage your weight-loss journey. They can be friends, family, colleagues, or even well-meaning specialists who try to derail your progress by encouraging unhealthy eating or drinking habits.

FAQ 2: Why do Diet Terrorists act this way?

Answer: Diet Terrorists often act out of concern, even if it seems counterproductive. They may not fully understand your weight-loss goals or feel threatened by the changes you’re making, much like smokers whose friends quit. Their misguided actions stem from a desire to keep you comfortable.

FAQ 3: How can I deal with Diet Terrorists effectively?

Answer: The key is to educate them about your goals and the methods you’re using to achieve them. Let them know that they can either support you or get in the way—it’s their choice. Additionally, you can anticipate Diet Terrorists by identifying those who tend to force their views on others and firmly asserting your independence when it comes to food choices.

FAQ 4: Should I avoid social events altogether while dieting to dodge Diet Terrorists?

Answer: No, you don’t need to avoid social events entirely. Instead, surround yourself with supportive friends who will help you stay on track. Explaining your goals and needs to those around you can make a significant difference. Remember, your real friends will want you to be happy and healthy.

FAQ 5: How can I protect my weight-loss journey from Diet Terrorists?

Answer: You can protect your journey by staying informed and prepared. Recognize that some people might not be as helpful as you hoped, but with the right strategies, you can maintain control over your goals. Keep in mind that you’re the grandmaster of your health and happiness.

FAQ 6: Is this all a bit over the top?

Answer: It may seem a bit dramatic, but understanding and addressing the influence of Diet Terrorists is crucial to your success. The dynamics at play when making a positive change in your life are not unusual, whether it’s quitting smoking or embarking on a weight-loss journey. With knowledge and determination, you can navigate these challenges and emerge victorious. How To Spot A Diet Terrorist.

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How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

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How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

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How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

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How To Spot A Diet Terrorist

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