‘Dream to be slim’

Sarah’s Weight Loss Success Story…

She lost a total of 144 pounds!

Sarah’s weight had been an issue for as long as she can remember – “I’d always been a bit chubby as a child, but my weight ballooned when I was prescribed steroid-based medication for asthma at the age of 9.” She was 13 stone by the time she was 11 years old, and weighed 19 stone at the age of 19. Her older sister Amanda has always been slim. Sarah says: “I spent my teenage years envying her. I wanted her hair, her style, and, most of all, her figure.”

Sarah and her sister Amanda

In the year 2000, Sarah and Amanda decided to have a joint wedding. “At a size 24, I must have been crazy to agree to a double wedding with my size 8 sister, but at the time I thought it was a great idea. I can still remember the pang I felt when I saw Amanda try on her understated white gown. She looked beautiful, whereas I’d been forced to have my dress custom made to fit my ever-expanding waistline. Our wedding should have been the most incredible day of my life. Instead I spent it feeling awkward and uncomfortable.”

“Still, as unhappy as I was, as the years passed, I always found an excuse not to lose weight, being busy with my job as a travel agent, then using my two pregnancies as an excuse to eat. There was only a year between Harrison and Marshall, so I didn’t have chance to lose all the baby weight before I had the next one. I’d tried a few diets, but with no success, until I eventually gave up altogether, surviving on Mars Bars, pasta, fizzy drinks, double portions of take-aways and curries. By the time I was 27, I had reached my heaviest weight of 21 stone, and even my size 28 trousers were a tight fit.”

In 2009, Sarah suffered the classic indignity of being unable to do up her seat belt on a flight. So on 1st January 2010, she made a New Year’s Resolution, and was determined she was to see it through“I didn’t want to be a fat mum. I didn’t want to die young and leave my kids without a mother, all because I had eaten my way to an early grave. I thought if I could just reprogramme how I think…..”

She had tried just about every diet that existed including diet pills, but always ended up put the weight back on again. She had researched  Gastric Band Surgery and after reading about the many side effects,  she decided it was not for her. The she saw an article about a girl who has lost a lot of weight with Martin and Marion’s weight loss therapy…

When Sarah started her weight loss journey in March 2010, she was more than 20 stone. Her BMI was 46.7 and she was rated as morbidly obese. She had high blood pressure and was on medication for asthma, she was constantly tired and sometimes struggled just to walk. She just about managed to squeeze herself into size 24 clothes. After her sessions with Marion and Martin she went on to lose half her body weight – a massive total of 144lbs!

“I was surprised how much therapy was involved with Marion and Martin’s sessions – thinking about my relationship with food and opening up about it. I didn’t realise some of the issues I had, until I talked about it, for example, how greedy I was. It totally changed my mindset and literally reprogrammed my relationship with food. When I was asked if I ate in secret I had to admit, Yes, all the time. I eat a block of cheese while cooking, but I don’t count it. I’ll eat five chocolate bars, but I tell myself I only had one. I live a lie.”

My overeating was driven by psychological factors that needed addressing. I was stuck in a cycle of feeling unhappy because I was fat and eating to fill the void. It was a vicious cycle. I had to learn to be honest with myself, kind to myself and eat food that was good for me.”

“I knew I wasn’t going on a fad diet – I was going to change my lifestyle. Not just to be a better mum, but to finally, truly like myself as a person. At the end of the sessions I felt so empowered. I knew something inside me had changed for good. I was very focussed – I started losing weight immediately. I wanted it to work and that’s why I was so successful. I can eat whatever I choose – it’s just making the right choices. I choose to cut out carbs as much as possible, as they were my biggest downfall in the past. I know I’ll feel ten times worse if I eat things like bread and pasta now, so there’s no point. I’d rather choose to eat something healthy and enjoy it!”

“I never saw this as a diet. I came through the treatment with a totally different relationship with food. I just ate when I was hungry and not for all the other reasons that I had in the past, and the hypnosis sessions ensured that I automatically felt full on much smaller portions. I also started eating much slower following the CBT sessions.”

After completing the Shirrans’ weight loss sessions, Sarah’s weight has dropped to 9 stone 12lb: a total weight loss of 144 lbs. Her BMI is a healthy 23.8, her blood pressure also reduced to a normal level, and the asthma is virtually non-existent. Sarah has a passion for running now and she has completed several half marathons.

Sarah gradually became more outgoing and enjoyed being more active, as her weight reduced further. She realised that she and Lee were growing apart, as he continued enjoying the former lifestyle they used to follow together, and they finally split up.

Sarah met Adam in 2012. He was very proud of her impressive weight loss achievement and they soon fell in love. They got married in July 2015, and Sarah walked down the aisle for the second time, absolutely radiant, in her dream size 10, classic white gown, with a delicate lace veil.

When I slipped into the dress and saw my reflection, I burst into tears. I never knew I could look so elegant. Walking down the aisle for the second time, I felt as happy as I looked. Holding my two wedding photos side by side, even I’m sometimes shocked by how different they look.”

Following her treatment Sarah has been featured on TV shows in both the UK and Australia, and her success story has been told in the Daily Mail and Daily Express Newspapers, as well as a number of national magazines.

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