‘Dream to be slim’

Katie is Now 100 Pounds Lighter

Katie had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hyperinsulinism. Following her 100 pound weight loss her story was featured in the Daily Mail and Daily Express Newspapers.

PCOS  can often make it very challenging for the sufferer to lose weight. She lost 7 stone after working with Martin and Marion; Katie attributes most of her success to the CBT element of her treatment and is now a healthy weight for her height. She went on to Lose 100 pounds of Fat.

I thought I was always ‘big’ at school, but looking back on photos I think this was because I was tall. I really started to gain weight quickly when I went to university. This was a result of too many cheese toasties and an over reliance on cheap pasta and tomato ketchup!

Katie’s weight reached 17 stone 8 pounds she started to look at ‘extreme’ ways of losing weight – looking at diet pills on the internet and the costs of a surgical gastric band. “For me weight loss was crucial, I didn’t want to die early as a result of my ‘lack of control’. I knew the health implications, but didn’t really understand why I couldn’t lose weight. I even started reading a number of pages on various forums around the gastric band surgery option, but I did’nt like what I read.

I contacted Martin and Marion after I’d seen a TV programme that was exploring all weight loss solutions (presented by Dawn Porter) – she tried a hypnosis session for weight loss and felt that it was the only thing (out of all the weird and wonderful diets) that offered something sustainable.

I spoke to a few people who recommended CBT (not just for weight loss but for other areas of their life). The combination of the two therapies they offered seemed to be an interesting way of combining the benefits of both therapies. I thought I’d give it a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I was very sceptical before I started the treatment – but really wanted to try something that I thought would be sustainable, addressing bad eating habits, rather than providing a short term ‘sticking plaster’ approach. That hasn’t worked for me before. I know that yo-yo dieting is unhealthy, not to mention the impact it has on my self-esteem.

I was not sure that I could lose weight – and even after leaving the clinic feeling confident I wasn’t completely convinced I would lose weight. I didn’t want to weigh myself immediately, as I didn’t want to become obsessed with scales, but more with how I felt. I was surprised that after the first 4 weeks I had lost an amazing 12 kg. It definitely provided a huge confidence kick! After that I lost about 0.8kg a week on average. And it was really easy!

No will-power was needed at all. Just concentration, to make sure you use the tools when you identify areas that are normally ‘weak’ areas. As soon as you apply rational thought you don’t need will power!

I realised that a lot of time I wasn’t hungry – I realised that I often ate when I was tired. As Marion simply asked ‘Why do you think eating will stop you feeling tired, isn’t rest a better solution?’ This was a huge ‘penny drop’ moment for me.

With Martin and Marion’s therapy you can eat almost whatever food you like – as long as you are only eating when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. I was made aware that, because of my PCOS and Hyperinsulinism, I have to be really careful about the amount of carbs I eat, because whenever I eat carb-rich foods, my body has to produce a lot more Insulin, compared with people who don’t have this problem, in order to regulate my blood sugar.

I feel a lot more in control now – not just about my weight, food and alcohol, but all other walks of life. The process taught me to identify areas where I had a ‘low tolerance threshold’ – where I was being irrational. I then use the Pause Button therapy to stop and consider the consequences of my actions – putting the argument to ‘the jury’ to sense test my decision. It’s been super useful at work!!

I’ve reached my target weight now. I feel in a lot more control of my eating and I realise that when I thought I was hungry, I really wasn’t. I look back on the way I ate before, and the amount I was eating, it was scary, now I notice that I eat much more slowly, I realise exactly why I was overweight now – I wasn’t listening to my body at all.

Before completing the treatment with Martin and Marion I now know my mind was over ruling signs of feeling full, so much so I would leave almost every meal feeling overstuffed, and, very often, guilty. The proof will be keeping the weight off; Martin and Marion have provided great support so far. I’ve had top-up sessions and the impact on my health has been a real positive incentive. It’s a great feeling to be able to shop in ‘normal’ clothes shops too.

After the treatment I quickly realised that when I thought I was hungry, I really wasn’t. I look back on the way I ate before, and the amount I was eating. I realise exactly why I was overweight now – I wasn’t listening to my body at all. My mind was over ruling signs of feeling full, so much so I would leave almost every meal feeling overstuffed, and, very often, guilty.

For me, their treatment was incredibly empowering – the results go beyond weight loss. I feel a lot more in control in many aspects of my life, and controlling my eating habits is just one area. In the end I went on to Lose 100 pounds of fat.

I was sceptical before I tried as I had never had ‘therapy’ before, neither CBT nor Hypnotherapy. I found the process enjoyable, eye-opening and the results have been incredibly successful!”

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