Session 7

£ 39

Session 7 comprises an MP3 audio session with Marion. She explains the benefits of seeing food as fuel for your body, and also shares with you helpful tips and techniques to reduce your portion sizes, and eat more slowly and mindfully.

This audio session includes an interview with past client, NHS Consultant, Miss Elisabeth Adams. After experiencing our weight-loss therapy herself, she now doesn’t hesitate to recommend it to her own patients who need to lose weight before having surgery. You can read her words of approval for our work on the Medical Endorsement page of the website.

Session 7 also includes  a JPEG image to illustrate the Delboeuf Optical Illusion, as referred to during the audio presentation, and a professionally produced whiteboard animation summary of the session in MP4 format.

The final component of this session is a studio-produced, MP3 Better Eating Habits hypnosis session with Marion.