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Session 6

£ 39

Session 6 comprises an MP3 audio session with Marion, during which she explains the importance of monitoring your body composition, rather than just focusing on your overall weight. You will also learn about the benefits of setting short-term goals on your journey ahead.

The audio session concludes with an interview with past client, Alan, a professional musician and speedway enthusiast. Alan completed the whole course via Skype. He has successfully lost over 70 lbs, reversing his fatty liver disease and high blood pressure and cholesterol in the process!

Session 6 also includes an MP4 video of Marion showing a comparison of fat and muscle, 4 JPEG images  to illustrate fat and muscle, and a professionally produced whiteboard animation summary of the session in MP4 format.

The final component  of session 6 is a studio-produced MP3 Weight Control hypnosis session with Marion.

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