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Session 1

£ 39

Each of the 12 sessions includes multiple components. Session 1 starts with Martin’s  20-minute MP3 audio introduction, which provides a course overview, along with details and instructions about how to progress through the course to gain the best results.

Your first session comprises a 75-minute, MP3 audio session, during which Marion explains how your mind works on two different levels; your conscious and your subconscious. You will also learn just how  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy works in conjunction with your conscious mind, whereas hypnotherapy works with your subconscious. You will also be asked to see yourself standing at a fork in the road of your life, and contemplate what comes next, depending on which path you choose…

This first session concludes with a very interesting audio interview between Marion and one of our clients, Preethi. Preethi relates her own personal experience of undergoing gastric band surgery, and all the unpleasant side effects and complications she endured, before discovering our successful, non-invasive, weight-loss treatment.

Session 1 also includes the all-important Fork in the Road image in JPEG format, and a professionally produced whiteboard animation summary of the session in MP4 format.

The final component is a studio-produced MP3 Fork in the Road hypnosis session with Marion.

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